Should i start with a new Succubus? Or stay with the old?

Hey everyone so here is the thing.
I have a succubus which is bound to my spirit/soul by a conjurer since 5 years now.
And in the beginning i felt always her presence and i felt even her kissing me and some dirty images when i medidate on my mind
1 time i even felt her weight on my bed as she is laying there down with me the sound of it made me freak out.
All good… but…
At that time i was an absoulte noob i had many encoutners etc but i had not much experience +blockages and that i could not commune with her destroyed my mental health…

So i hate it to say cause i wanted her so bad i had a calling and i wanted to be a good Partner but… i ignored her then for months even some small manifestion i doubted everything until… nothing happend anymore…

I often talked with the conjurer about this but seems my blockages and doubt was to strong.

Anyway now since yesterday im trying to contact her again and i explained everything to her but i got nothing atleast i guess i got nothing…

So did she leaved me or what happend?
Schould i try to contact her harder or schould i start new and do the letter method to get a succubus from Lillith?

Besides that ofc i started to meditate daily and i also try daily to astral project…
But besides that i dont know what i can do to become more sensitive and make it easier for spirits to talk to me
Anyway what do you say what schould i do?

Sounds like you have it all in hand. Work on yourself and build your skills and the rest will come by itself.

As far as the entity goes I would let sleeping dogs lie, at least until you have results with your skill building. Considering not having the skills you want “destroyed your mental health” :eyes: I would avoid doing any more of that until you can be strong and approach the subject from a stable position.


Dantalian works on mental issues.

You can try to work with him.

As for spirit you can take a break for few months to build yourself

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It is best that you work on yourself, as the others have mentioned, and work it out with your current succubus. I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to get a second one when you’ll have unresolved issues from the first.

As for why you can’t hear her,
maybe you have blockages, maybe she’s busy, maybe she left. I suggest doing divination on it.


I mean, you ignore her for months and expect a reply in a day? :slightly_smiling_face:


I think @Helena makes a good point. You ignored her needs for so long that she is letting you taste your own medicine.

Maybe work on yourself and that current relationship. How much trust do you expect from a new one after treating the last like you did?



Thank you everyone for your messeges.
Yes you are right and i feel bad about this …
I started with so much exctiment and passion and then gone

Maybe i expected to much?
But i dont understand if she is bound to my soul and i had at first such strong manifestions and contact why it didnt kept going?

Did i make something wrong?
And even tho i admit you have good points how can i be confident if i have the feeling she dosnt like me anymore or if i dont get anything back anymore?



The connection is the most important thing.Try to solve the problem with her.The most important thing is to talk to her,it’s a mistake that you ignored her.


And even tho i admit you have good points how can i be confident if i have the feeling she dosnt like me anymore or if i dont get anything back anymore?

Did you put in consistent effort to maintain the connection? Getting is not the hard part, maintaining is.

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