Should I start by working on dark chakras and Ahrimanic yoga before initiating with Qlifotic rituals?

Hello, so I was just wondering, as I have read that many people have struggles at first with these dense energies at first when they start the Qlifot, so I was wondering if it would be wiser to start with ahrimanic yoga and the dark chakras a few months before I start working the Qlifot with Naamah? Would this make me “stronger” or more attuned with the Qlifotic energies so I don’t get dense energies overload?

Any work on your energy body will make you better able to process the energies of the Qlippoth. It doesn’t have to specifically be “dark.”

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What I meant by dark chakras was the exercises proposed by Kurtis Joseph, sorry if I don’t get to express myself fully, English isn’t my mother tongue.

Activating the dark kundalini is what he states in his books via ahrimanic Yoga. I think that I will work in this way with my chakras before starting with the Qlifot, or do you believe activating the dark kundalini is more intense than working with the first Qlifot?