Should I retire and remake this sigil?

I was intending to do some sigil work this morning. As I was just sitting down to do so, my ceiling started to leak. Water dripping above me, mostly landing on the desk and splashing onto my bed nearby. I live on the first floor so obviously its not the roof thank goodness. But it was pouring rain outside, and I can only assume the guy in the apartment above mine left a window wide open, and somehow it soaked through his floor. I jumped up fast though, realized it was indeed a leaking ceiling and not my own window left open, before I ran to grab a pot to contain the leak. My sigil, which I had set down on the desk to run out fast, got a pretty good soaking.

I’m of two minds on this. On one hand I wonder if since it was basically rainwater, it might actually be good for it, empower it somehow. The ink never ran. It could dry out fine. On the other hand though this could as easily be a hint to retire it.

I was JUST thinking as I started this morning’s work, that it “felt” ready to be remade… then water poured from my ceiling and it got soaked. Maybe I should go with my first thought before the leak happened and respectfully burn it, before making a new one.

Haha, as an aside, the leak did thankfully stop pretty quickly and nothing is damaged or anything (I know I got lucky since it did of course land all over my desk.) I do however have probably about a cup of water, that I feel like I’m supposed to save to consecrate for house cleansing. I think I’ll pour it from the pot into a container, instead of just dumping it.

If this happened to me and I was in your situation (as well as I can guess that), I’d ask my intuition to send me a symbol I can understand, or I’d do a reading, maybe also get one done for added reasurance.

If the sigil was the only thing that got damaged though, it sounds 99% to me like you need to burn it and remake it. But that’s just a guess.

It may also mean you need to look up some stuff about consecrating things in Earth, Water, Fire, and Air? Maybe not. It just occurred to me as I was typing. :slight_smile:

Well I am mostly in agreement with Lady Eva.

Even though it was rain water it did go through your ceiling and I can only assume your neighbors floor I would thank if and burn it. If it was through a partially open window I would take that as a good sign, but that’s just me. Do what you feel is best.

I’d take that as a good sign that your sigil is effective. Omens are distinctly impersonal, and what you described there fits the bill. The fact that your sigil wasn’t damaged at all is actually pretty badass.