Should I repeat a ritual for more success?

If I repeat a ritual for a manifestation of something (such as a job, relationship, or some other standard desire) will this be more likely to create success? Do magicians find that they should only do a ritual once, or repeat until desire is manifested?

For those of you who do repeat, do you do the ritual exactly as before, or do you make slight alterations because it is a repetition?


Depends on the type of ritual used.

If it was the evocation of a demon or any spirit, really, then no, you wouldn’t repeat it, because that would be annoying to the being trying to help you and would interfere with their work.

If you are using a ritual where it is mainly intention and energy, like a candle spell, then I would say, yes, repeating the spell could be helpful. This is the kind of spell that is usually repeated for 7 days, moon phases like new moon to new moon or until the desire is manifested.

Hope this helps.



Thank you for the quick response.

I suppose it would have helped if I clarified what exactly I have been doing for manifestations.

I make artificial elementals. I do the exercises from Donald Michael Kraig’s book “Modern Magick.” The gist of it is I do the opening by watchtower, create an artificial elemental, give it instructions by both word and visualization, push the desire out of my body and into the elemental and finish it by closing by watchtower.

So using this specific technique, would it be wise to send multiple elementals? Charge the same elemental? Leave the elemental alone (much like the evocations of spirits)?


To add using my own personal opinion i agree with the previous aformentioned comment by @DarkestKnight, i will say that given the information from E.A in his course: you release the desire and let it work in the upper realms (astral, higher planes) as if it is already happening. Now if you still have the desire for it to happen perhaps do a second ritual to give to the entity called during the latter ritual the rest of your desire until there is nothing left. Then ground yourself. And move on to other goals


Thanks for the advice. I have trouble with completely relinquishing the desire. I feel like I have released it during/after the ritual, but later through the day I find myself worried, checking up on things, etc. do you have any advice on fully releasing desire during rituals?

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My suggestion would be to breath out energy from your chakras or your entire being like a tidal wave of energy to the entity called until you are exhausted. A great visualization would be like a telekenetic wave going from you towards your goal. Or the summoned entity. You can always ask the summoned to take the desire from you completely if you do not know how to do it through visualization.

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yes, yes and YES!


Since it is a servitor, or as you said, an artificial elemental, you can, after a certain amount of time, usually a couple of weeks or so, call it back to you and ask it for a status update, and recharge it if necessary.

Letting go of the desire can take time, but it would make sense to exhaust it with the elemental by imprinting it with all your intention.

Depending on the difficulty of the task, you can also send multiple servitors, since one may not have the power to complete the task, but rarely is it necessary.


Thank you. I feel like this makes sense and the status update is a good idea.

@Hougan excellent advice! I usually just focus on a small portion of the body where I feel the desire the most (usually the heart space or the stomach) but I never thought of doing the chakras or even better the entire body!

@WiseManEcho Thank you!

Big thanks to everyone involved so far. Your perspectives were simple, easy to understand and practical! :heart:


An occultist said that an individual, after doing magic for a certain goal, may see the opposite effect, get scared and stop. He should instead repeat the operation until success.
But probably, raising a large amount of energy, one time is enough.