Should I prioritize learning the Middle Pillar exercise over learning which planet and color will help me best in a spell?

I am attempting to reach a Saint. Obviously I can reach one through prayer. Or I can reach one through the Middle Pillar, according to:


Rising, Sirius. The Saints and Magick: How to invoke the saints of the Catholic Church to serve you (pp. 51-52). Kindle Edition.

After I reach the Saint, I want to try one of Damon Brand of GoM 72 Angels sigils

So I do not have as much time as I want to study all of this stuff. Is it better to know how to form intent and focus my will or is it better to learn what hour and day is best to make my spell.

Ideally, I will want to learn both, but I have time constraints.

(if it turns out I should study planets, what is a good primer on planet magick?)

There seems to be plenty on the Middle Pillar so, no problems getting what I need there. At least not so far anyway.

Should I study planets or tarot or just study kabbalah first, as that seems to be the bases for everything (including the Middle Pillar) so far as I can tell.

My advice, is to practice the Middle Pillar as you are studying the Kabbalah, if that is where your interests lie. The Kabbalah system of magick connects everything to the Tree of Life, and is one of the most complete metaphysical maps known. Walking the 22 paths of the Sephiroth (this is where the term pathworking originates) will give you a grounding in most kinds of magick, from elemental to planetary to angelic. There is no need to look to other systems or methods outside of it if you are feeling drawn to it.


It seems like the natural progression. I mean first I do Psalms magick, then I start approaching Saints, finally I want to try an Angel. I am trying to stay under the protective umbrella of faith, for now.

After this starts to work and becomes more a part of me and how I live my life, maybe I try something more exotic.

I read Israel Regardie’s “The True Path of Healing”

So I have been practicing my Middle Pillar - I am not very good at it - I just keep doing it anyway, repetition will work out the bugs sooner or later according to Regardie.


Here is some help for the Kabbalah Cross, LBRP,

Lewellyn also has some great posts on why we do what we do.
Reading all the posts, about 11 or so of them, will only take about 30 minutes to glance over, then you can go back and really get what you want.

For instance, I found out the meaning of AMEN. that was news to me, but it makes me like the meditation/exercise better—why-it-matters/