Should I not use demons for this?

Hi, so I’m a bit underwhelmed and disappointed. I have been in the occult for about 3 years and have seen great results with general money workings and some potent results with love spells. Anyway, I tried to be very much more specific. I have started a real estate career and so far have made $0 from it, despite putting in hours and hours of work.

I used a specific demon for 2 cases, with the intent to have my clients rent the apartment I showed them. Both clients loved the apartment and wanted to rent it, but in one case… the client had to wait to see if he gets a raise first, also he wants to change some of the lease provisions. I haven’t heard from him yet and the apartment might get rented before he even gets back to me. In the other case, my clients applied, and the landlord told me someone else had applied and offered MORE money that same day. First of all, the apartment wasn’t even that great, the fact that someone offered more money is insane.

I’m not going to say the specific demon I used. I have worked with this demon before in the past for a love matter and had mediocre results. So I thought he would want to work with me again?

I offered him a decent offering. I’m overall disappointed. I almost feel like the rituals backfired in a way. Am I just being too specific? Should I just ask a demon to bring me a certain amount of real estate deals each month and not cast for specific deals? Overall I’m very disappointed about this from both a magickal and professional and financial standpoint :frowning:

Thanks, much appreciated.

I think a lot of times people get too general with demons and get too vague in their requests and then get stuff they don’t want. I think you got too specific. Who cares if those specific people want those specific apartments. The point isn’t about whether they rent that apartment, the point is you make money in your new (enjoyable I hope) real estate career.
I think it is more about attracting the right clients (not just a bunch of time wasters) showing them the right things (stuff they will rent/buy) and getting them to close the deal. That is it.


It always makes me cringe a bit when someone says which Demon should I use. Would you want to be used? Would you say I’m using this God today?
Maybe lack of respect is an issue.

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Requests from daemon(s) should be thoughtfully planned out but kept petite.
*attract abundance of clintentle
*likeable/persuasive nature
*attract luck and sales

People sometimes overlook other things, such as where you can make the improvement to make it happen as well

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Does the spirit specialise in this area?

You need to be attracting the right clients, not trying to control the ones who contact you, they may just not be qualified to take the properties.

For me personally, working with money and greed can be dangerous. It’s the true root of evil, I say don’t use demons or any other spiritual practices for your interests. Pursuit it yourself, and hopefully luck falls on your side, that’s all!

Like others have said, ally up with a demon who specializes in this. Devote some time to understanding this spirit and developing a relationship. Being specific or vague can be useful tools obviously depending on the circumstances. Maybe your plan of attack should be how to align yourself with attracting business and wealth. Start with your inner, then work on your outer, and utilize the skill you’ve already learned in real estate to accentuate you’re overall approach. This could even be done with separate rituals/spells and with several demons if need be.

This might be the problem. When we use magick upon specific people, we’re making assumptions that they are ready to do what you desire. In another words, they are the path of least resistance. This is where we go wrong…in making the assumption.

Instead, I would suggest that you map out your entire service offering. This would include the types of properties you are comfortable working with, profile the kind of landlords you want (the kind that leave you alone to do your work), and profile the perfect tenants (these would be the people who have their shit together, have the down payment ready, have a steady job, will look after property, etc).

Once you have mapped out the process from start to finish, then get magick involved to enhance or ensure the process runs smoothly.

Find an entity that will be willing to help establish your reputation. Ask them for your name, known as the best real estate agent, be spread around by word of mouth like wild fire.

When people contact you, get their contact details. Everything from names, current addresses, email, phone numbers, and if possible a little bit of background. Document all of this. Have separate documents for property owners and investors, and another for tenants. Create a database. Once you reach critical mass with this, you won’t need to advertise. All you’ll be doing is exchanging contracts.

I would also suggest that you create a handful of servitors, who will act as your personal assistants, whose job it will be to find and match the perfect tenant for each property you put up. This could come from your database or from advertising. Remember, the perfect tenants will have to match the profile you’ve created of people who have their shit together.

Do some research into the best ways to advertise for landlords who want to list their properties with you, and for people who are looking for properties to rent.

Once you have all of the above done, then, you’re ready to evoke spirits who can help grow your business. They’ll have a structure within which to work…which will be your chosen path of least resistance.

Remember, your service is fulfilling a need - connecting homes for rent with people who are looking for homes. Focus on that, the money will flow.

All the best!


So here’s the issue, when I have done general statements like that with demons the results were extremely lackluster. I think I need to put at least a number in the request.