Should I launch a YouTube channel?

Why thank you brother :metal:t2:.


Go for it.

If you want any help getting started with podcast recording software and what not let me know.

Hell if you like ill even get you on for a podcast with me to advertise your channel.


@Aiden_Crow You can interview me too. If you want to that is.


I would personally like to hear about all of the topics already mentioned. It would be interesting to have an explanation on theory. For example Necromancy. I am sure there are various methods and many opinions as to which is best. You could break down what these all have in common so the viewer can understand the important root of the practice and then elaborate on the various means to the desired result.

That is how I learn anyways. If I am going to make curry I spend some time reading tons of curry recipes so that I understand the base/what is important, the options available, and then I make it my own.


Please do :smile_cat:

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Man , I have a Youtube channel and it’s tough, but I keep at it because I believe in spirit and my work in LHP. Launch one but get ready for a battle.
Wish you all the luck


@Virtuefern May I ask which one? What’s the name of your channel.

feedback would be great

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Your theresa Caputo review is actually really good

thanks Aiden

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Of course

I subscribed btw

Your voice is relaxing. And it has the British “would you like crumpets with your tea?”.accent I like. I find it interesting and ironic that you would work with Belial after dealing with hauntings.


Thanks for the feedback,
My work with the dead is kind of my version of community work. It’s much lower level work than what I do on my to normal ascension/LHP. I just kind of like helping people out with these hauntings. I have a lot of spiritual support to assist me with this but, really, most the clearings I handle are nasty low level crap.

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Yes, definitely, you’re interesting, I thought I replied before but dammit am fighting interdimensional battles and also painting the lounge… :sunglasses:

Some of this may, or may not, be useful to you:


Did you end up making a channel?

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Not yet I’m working things out atm.


Cool, I’d be happy to subscribe when you get started. :slight_smile:

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