Should I keep evoking spirits even though I can't communicate with them


I haven’t had any success in envoking spirits lately.

I have recently envoked Sastan and a week ago King Paralda.
I have not been able to communicate verbally or scry for them.

I’m going to keep practising till I can talk to them verbally, but in the mean time should I evoke other spirits even though I can’t communicate with them?


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what’s your goal? purpose to cast spells? Is it to communicate to them for fun? or to get results.?

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Are you actually working with these spirits in developing your senses, or are you continuing to expect them to do everything for you?

What you should be doing is:

1: Open the seal of Sastan with the intention of getting his help in developing your senses

2: Once the seal is open, turn your gaze to a scrying mirror, bowl of water, or other dark surface, and simply let your mind be open to perceiving any images that come up.

3: Do this daily for about a week or two.


Choose 5 spirits to contact, and write down 5 questions to ask each of them.

1: Open the seal of the first spirit, and once it is open, ask your questions. Pause after you ask each question and write down whatever you hear in your mind, regardless of what it is.

Don’t second guess yourself. Just write down whatever pops into your head after you ask the questions, and then thank the spirit. Put the seal and list of answers away for a day or two, then take the answers out and study them. Try to find any differences in grammar or syntax that don’t match your usual inner voice.

Repeat for the next 4 spirits. You should be able to spot anything that stands out from the pattern of your usual way of inner speaking. That will be the voice of the spirit.

These two exercises are taken directly from EA’s evocation course.

You should also be practicing trancework daily.


Pay attention to all your sense’s cuz they will send signs other then just coming out verbally, if you cant hear them yet


Alright thanks for the advice. I want to use water but would a dark green bowl work because I don’t have any black bowls?

I’m trying to master all four elements, and just in general talk to them and find out more about the universe.

Yes, any dark bowl should be fine.

To answer your original question, yes, you can continue to evoke spirits while you are doing the developmental exercises, even though you can’t hear them. When you do, try to task the spirits with material goals so that you can get some successful results which will help with doubt, while you are working on being able to communicate.

The spirits will hear you when you speak, even though you cannot yet hear them.

My advice would be to do the developmental exercises I outlined daily, and do an evocation for a material goal once a week.

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Does luck or fame come under material?

Yes, but I would shoot for some easy short term goals, rather than something so vague and general as “luck” or “fame.”

Define what each of those things mean for you, and then once you have an actual goal rather than a wishy washy idea, break that vision down into small steps, and use evocation to obtain each of those steps.


What spirits would you suggest for materiel evocations? An example of a materiel I use a lot would be computer parts. Would a evocation be able to materialise such things?

Yes, you can use evocation to bring yourself things like computer parts. They’re not going to materialise in front of you though. They will come into your life through some circumstance, like someone you know might have what you need, or you will see an ad online, etc.

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Ok Interesting. Do you know any spirits that can help with that?

Pretty much any spirit that can manifest physical desires can help.

Do a search through the forum. There are plenty of names available.

Here’s a couple to get you started:

Ghob, elemental king of Earth.

The Angels Yichuiah, and Poiel of the Shemhamforash

Belial, and Clauneck.


Ok thanks, I’ll have a look into them.

Just keep at it. Try some variance. It might take some time. They will see your effort and give you a sign.

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Thanks bro appreciate it

hey can it still work if bowl is of steal?

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It needs to be a dark surface because you don’t want any reflections when you gaze. Steel would not be very effective, though you might be able to make it work if you are skilled.


What I do is pay attention do every detail of each noises and sounds in my environment. It made me hear spirits better


there’s more than 4 elements. To learn about universe you have to live in the universe in the physical world. Learn through life experience. Find your true self rather than what everyone’s projection is or their goals. That means working on self cultivation of sorts. Developing 6th senses. U don’t learn about universe by ways of others telling you. Even if u hear voices of demon which may not even be real but just in your head. And u don’t know if whatever info you hear is real or BS . So living life and getting results is what tells you the laws of universe. U can’t expect to do magick without working on self like many here who thinks so that its movie magick.