Should I give my offering now, or should I wait?

A week ago, I petitioned Orobas using the GoM Demons of Magick method. It was for my husband to be recognized for going above and beyond at work. My offering is a glass of wine. Late last week, his boss contacted him for a meeting today. This morning, she told him she is leaving their department for another department. She also said she wants to bring him along which would result in a promotion and a raise. She said she just needs to fill out the appropriate paper work, etc and that it would take a couple of months. I’m just concerned because my husband is a federal employee and budgets get reappropriated all the time, so there is a slight chance this might not happen at all.

So I guess my question is, should I give Orobas his offering now or should I wait until this position is 100% happening? I feel like I could make an argument for either option, but I am new to this. I thought I’d ask for opinions.

Thank you.

Well, from how you worded it, you petitioned for him to be recognized for his hard work, not to get a promotion. That has been achieved, so i would give the offering.


Thank you :slight_smile: . After I posted this, I suddenly felt I should give the offering and then maybe make a separate petition for the position to happen. I just want to do the right thing.


No worries at all. A separate petition would likely be the best idea. Wording is pretty important so much sure the intention is clear and you are honest with the observations. Beyond that, it is just a matter of holding true to any bargains made, just like dealing with people really.


Orobas is a real sweetheart :heart_eyes:
You have chosen wisely


Yes! I was hoping for my husband to get a nice bonus when I petitioned Orobas, but this is a much better proposition for him. I am glad I kept my petition general and didn’t ask specifically for a bonus.

I use the same demonic evocation system and I always wait until I get the desired results to my satisfaction ( wine is also my go-to offering, then, when you’ve gotten the results you want a couple of times, ask the demon what it most favors as an offering and, well you’ve read the book ). When I get my desired results, I wait a day to a week after, but I always complete the offering pretty quickly when I get what I want because I want the demon to A). Know why it’s being rewarded, and B). I want a good reputation and to be seen as one who is generous and happily gifts my loyal helpers and allies. Word gets around, I would think. Sounds like Orobas is delivering fast. Amazing success, but get the desired results first, then do another connective evocation and complete the offering as described in the rituals

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You don’t need to give an offering… you don’t need to give anything in return. If it aligns with their attributes doing the work in and of itself is more than satisfactory for them.

Even if the offering was stated in the said petition, for example?
I thought that petitioning was something like making a mini-pact.

I am very curious as I myself am in a situation when I don’t really know if I should proceed with my side of the deal.

My bad I am a bit drunk and I didn’t read that part ha