Should I get the flu shot?


The problem is, statistics can’t predict what would happen to an individual, and healthy adults with access to healthcare don’t typically die of complications of the flu.

They do get cancer and brain dysfunction from toxins in medications including injectibles - which doesn’t go towards the statistics for death from vaccines. THere’s enough poison in our environment, why people would choose to inject more directly into their bodies for the questionable effect of being given an infection they would get over anyway I don’t even know.

a) I challenge you to prove that’s true in the OPs demographic. Sunny isn’t an infant or pensioner.
b) You should be honest and mention, you have no choice - it’s mandated for healthcare professionals in the UK and US at least, or you’re not allowed back to work.

Nobody in their right mind takes anyone on faith just because they claim to be an expert, anyway.

This means nothing other than you may of may not have had some training, which in the US is incomplete and biased, and you seem to have swallowed without question… Good for you? Excuse me while I don’t transfer all my ability to advocate my health choices to some random ‘professional’ like all the other sheeple.


You are just assuming your opinion is the truth. Just because you don’t see people dying due to the flu, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t kill. Children, elders, people with respiratory problems, immunosupressed people, etc. DO DIE from the flu.

Again, assuming that your opinion is the Truth. Please.

[quote=“Maulbeere, post:22, topic:46839, full:true”]
a) I challenge you to prove that’s true in the OPs demographic. Sunny isn’t an infant or pensioner.[/quote]
You don’t need to challenge just because you want to prove you are right and get your ego up. I, individually DO NOT benefit from encouraging people to do x or y. If you get the information and you decide to sabotage your own health, be my guest. You do, though, look butthurt to healthcare professionals. You just need to read your own post. I advise you to get it checked. Maybe some past trauma with needles? No, honestly. You should retrospect about it.

[quote=“Maulbeere, post:22, topic:46839, full:true”]
b) You should be honest and mention, you have no choice - it’s mandated for healthcare professionals in the UK and US at least, or you’re not allowed back to work. [/quote]

Again, talking without knowing anything. Read the GMC or NMC codes from the web, and then TELL me what I have and I DON’T have to do. Don’t try to threaten me by saying I will or won’t be back to work if “x” or “y”. I know my code. Every country has a code for the registered legit health care professionals and scientists. And yes. WE HAVE the responsibility to explain the truth to patients prior to gain consent for a potential procedure, otherwise we get disciplinary actions AT work. Anyone is being treated by me at this very right moment. If that was the case, I would be talking personally with them in a healthcare setting, and handing over documentation and information about the procedure.

That is fair enough, but professionals are TRAINED and well informed about what they talk about. If you don’t want to take a jab, or have x procedure or treatment done, fair enough. If you have capacity, then no one can stop you. But it is as legit as drinking bleach even though there are professionals who prove that is harmful.

You really seem butthurt. Honestly, get it checked. I don’t go around insulting people that easily unless I have remorse due to personal issues. It is ok to choose what you want to do with your health. And in my case, I choose to inform about my own health choices, why I did take them,and what I RECOMMEND. I am not forcing anyone to do anything. Again, I do not gain anything from getting people vaccinated. But there is evidence that the more people get vaccinated, the more protected are the ones who are not taking the jab. I am not promoting anything.
t happens to be that OP has asked whether s/he should take the jab, and I have given advise as a professional, so stop talking to me like anyone has invited me to give my evidence-based opinion.
@Maulbeere I don’t have anything against you, even if you don’t agree with me. Everyone is free to have their opinions, and protect/harm their own health. I am respecting your right to have an opinion, so please, respect mine as well.

Also, I am leaving some links of trusted evidence about the flu:

And there are much more.


thanks for your links


@Sunny you do as you please. But please, get informed, read from reliable sources and then, make a choice. Don’t let ANYONE convince you (even myself) about anything regarding your health without proven facts. Take care of yourself.


Good friend of mine is medical professional. He takes vaccines and he’s fine.
I’ve got a strong fear of medications, even vitamin C makes me feel sick, and I guess that will cost me a lot :slight_smile:


Thanks so much. You too :slight_smile:


Got very sick after my shot, downtime 3 weeks and still not totally recovered, but I have other health issues so if you’re immune system is not working properly don’t get the shot. If you are normal, then do whatever you and your doctor feel is best for You.


Fair enough. Some people feel like that if they receive the “live” jab instead of the one with the “dead” bugs.




Not really. There are so many chronic illnesses that infectious diseases are not the trouble. Besides, a patient dead is a customer lost.


@sunny use divination to discover whether in this specific instance the flu shot available in 2018 is going to help or harm you.

Statistics are useful for big-picture decisions but it’s down the magician to use all means to make personal choices, because individuals do not align perfectly with mass statistical outcomes.


I will not take my chances. A healthy diet with plenty of vitamin boosters. Here’s a good booster I take daily:


The claim is it is synthetic. Effectiveness varies and I’ve heard many times it doesn’t do much during the current season. I NEVER get them. I prefer to catch the flu and spread it like a malignant fucker I am.

I actually usually get it just before summer… every fucking time.

Sore throat, fevers, headaches, nasal pressure, can’t breathe so well, aches, pains… ah what would life be without sickness.

Chicken broth, vitamin c (I love oj personally), onions, garlic, ginger, crackers, losenges… oh fuck yeah!

So fuck getting that shot. Give a snotty sick date/spouse a big smooch.


I have relatives that are on immune-suppression drugs for other illnesses. I’m not sure but I think they have to take the shot… not sure.


I wish them well. :pray:


This ia awesome! Thanks!




I am just going to recommend you take up energy practices such as qigong and similar internal energy work and look into healing through qigong. It has the passive effect of boosting the immune system and energy body to fight off almost any illness better than any shots or medicine you might get once you get advanced enough and your energy refined through practice. I almost never get sick and when I do it is usually gone in a day no matter what it is everyone else has it appears as just a cold for me that is gone usually in the next day with a couple days to recharge my energy. I have also cured pneumonia with applications of healing energy on others in combination with prescribed medicine admittedly however they were of the demographic that even prescribed medicine probably would not have helped them. Keep with mundane medicine as far as you need it until you reach the point that your energy and healing skills don’t require it in yourself. You will know this point because it will be when things don’t even advance to needing medicine but are cut off before it is more than a light cold. If the energetic healing can’t halt it then use prescribed medicine as needed until it is gone but eventually it won’t go far enough to need that medicine or even have it prescribed.


Your arms are going to fall off.