Should I evoke a deity for this reason?

I’m debating on evoking Lilith, but my hesitation stems from
1.) A lot of people who evoke/invoke entities do it for a reason like improving their lives or whatever.

2.) I haven’t REALLY done any magical rituals save for one which was dumb of me, despite that it worked, cuz it wasn’t fair for me to summon anything without working on my senses first, which is still a struggle to develop

3.) CAN I evoke an entity JUST for conversation or does there need to be a reason? Lime a favor or request or whatever?

I hope that this can help other new witches. If this has already been answered I would love the link to it

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Personally, when it comes to Lilith, i wouldn’t summon her just to have a convo out of curiosity, i would rather have a reason, and probably a good one, but this is me


From what I hear from most around here, and from what I just think is right and respectful, no matter who you’re thinking of evoking, make sure you have a clear purpose. Think of it like calling a stranger and just trying to start a conversation. It may work out fine, but they might also hang up, and even worse block your number. After you’ve made first contact and build a relationship with them, to the point where you’re both comfortable with each other, then you can see about conversational stuff. Some I hear are much more and less into that than others.

I would evoke her with a reason until you build a relationship with her, if you have the relationship with her she probably wouldn’t mind being summoned just for conversation.

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I can talk to her all day long anytime i like but thats the relationship i have with her she is so amazing she can and will help you with many things in your life but wil also teach you in her own way. Gusion is an easy one to invoke he is one of the most friendly elders to talk to. But me in my experience the elders always come to me and i have to figure out the signs of who they are lol

Seeking insight/learning on a particular subject is acceptable, but it is recommended to make sure it is one of the the Daemon’s circle of known gnosis.

See this is what I’m currently struggling with. I love your pfp btw. Huge Rob Zombie fan. I’m not sure what elements of my life Lilith would be best suited for helping me with. I’d really like to work with her, but I’m unsure of how

Evoke Lilith and talk with her about it.

You don’t have to know exactly what you need. It is enough of a purpose to simply make contact and see if she is willing to work with you. She may have a better idea of what you really need than you do.

That is what I did. My good friend @succupedia is married to Lilith, so I wanted to know what in my life she could help me with and I called upon her. She came and gave me some priceless advice.


I am familiar with @succupedia. He had a post, Letter of Intent, which I did and it worked. I’ll try evoking her and see where it goes from there

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She likes a good, fruity red wine, so if you can, have some on hand as an ice breaker :slight_smile:

Wine I dont have. I have tons of fruit tho. I had thought of writing a book with her in it as an offering

I don’t do offerings in my practice, so when I evoked her, I did not give one. She had no problem with that, but asked me to bring some red wine for the next time (she is one of the few that has ever asked me for something).

I’m not sure about actual fruit though. Someone else will have to chime in about that.

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Lilith likes red wine? I may have the perfect offering in mind then. I’ll have to get some when the liquor store is open again. And when I have a good reason to call on her.

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She also likes strong coffee