Should I end relationship?

Wanted to get some advice here, I’ve been working with Santa Muerte for awhile now and want to build a relationship. I got a reading awhile ago stating that she would like to work with me. Hearing stories and from others that have said she works fast. I have asked for emergency needs to help and so much more. Feel like I’m being ignored and unanswered. Seems to waste my time on my end. I cook food give offerings and so much more and cleanse. Frustrating, kind of want to move on to a new relationship.

Santa Muerte is not for every one. In Mexiko is more the Protrectress of gangsters, Killers, Outlaws… If you are very legit probably you can’t connect to the current

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What do you think I should do? I kind of feel like I’m wasting my time. Kind of makes me upset. Really? I thought she accepted anyone who she felt a connection to.

If you like, I can chip in my two cents.

I worked with Santa Muerte for several years about ten years ago.

I hadn’t meant to, but she kept appearing, until I gave up ignoring her.

She does indeed work fast, if she favours you.

Conversely, she seemed to go quiet on me about six years ago.

Go for it, anything will help me. That’s a long time, I was always told if it’s not good for your higher self than you should not have it.

Move to something else! If you are feeling frustrated then offerings wouldn’t feel good too!
So respectfully end it

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Agreed, see I haven’t been in a situation where I had to end a relationship. Do you recommend me a way to say it?

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Do your last offering and say “I thank you for the time we spent together and now it’s time for me to move to something else. We might cross path again but for now goodbye”

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Thank you so much for you’re help Miku, she will understand but have to move on to a new relationship and see where it goes. Can’t just give and not receive anything

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