Should I curse my bros in laws?

I’m forced to deal with annoying bros in law on a daily basis unfortunately. We can’t move to another place just yet. I’m always using protection magick (return to sender) to shield myself against their negativity. Should I curse them to death, banish them or is there another way to stop them?

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Why the rush to curse? Being “annoying” hardly calls for a death sentence. If that was the case, then half the human population would be cursed to death, because everyone, including all the people on this forum, have annoyed someone sometime in their life.

Just use your magick to improve your situation, like getting another place. Banishing the negativity and working magick to improve your borthers in law’s lives is also an option. Helping them will help you.


So you are living with them?

If you are living with them then attacking or banishing them is certainly unwise.

Best solution seems to be to improve your situation and find another place to live. Calling on Entities to help you get extra money to stick back.

And I agree with @DarkestKnight that helping them will help you. Help them find things to do that they enjoy outside the home so they aren’t around as much. Any Entity good with manipulation should be able to convince them to take up an affordable activity. You’ll have to maintain the influence, but it will do the trick and likely improve the way they interact with you because of all the good psychological stuff excersize or pottery or whatever can do for someone. Creative outlets and moving are great.


Yes, curse the guy who thinks it’s appropriate to spike a drink and then rape someone; curse someone who is bullying you relentlessly and stopping job opportunities and spreading false rumours; curse someone who ran over a friend and then left them for dead, didn’t call an ambulance and still hasn’t handed themselves over to authorities - but cursing someone for being ‘annoying’ would be really low on my priorities.

Just a thought here, do you reckon you might have any influence on their behaviour towards you? Maybe they are absolutely sick to the back teeth of you. I don’t know - you may well be the most wonderful house mate ever, but you might not see that you are the worst - I don’t know you.

Personally, I think you’ve answered it - move or if not immediate figure out a way.


Exactly. @blezheng it sounds like your magickal energy could be better directed at creating an outcome that benefits you directly in the area of your living situation. Why not use magick to make him likeable and some magick to get a place apart from them?


Agreed, manifest yourself a nice escape route.


Thanks so much. They love me but I actually dislike them to death.

Thank you very much. Probably that’s the reason why King Paimon seems to be interested in working with me.

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Thank you very much for the advice. Probably that’s the reason why I have a spirit lover and I’m drawn to Prince Seere, King Paimon and Duchess Bune. A non demonic spirit adviser of mine, Master Zhuge Liang told me that there would just be a worse vicious cycle of negativity if I curse them because they themselves are actually pretty negative. Now I understand why he told me that.

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And probably that’s also the reason why my spirit lover converted my curse against one of them into a banishing spell. Like he sort of dispelled it.

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King Paimon told me that he will manipulate his mind if he starts being a threat to me.

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