Should I banish?

I have done many evocations without banishing. I’ve evoked and called on Astarte, Resheph, Asmodai, I asked Lucifer to send me a familar to teach me and other stuff. I have done no banishing after calling on these entities during ritual. Is that not a good thing? I have used Michael Fords book Dragon of the Two Flames and even though he has typos in his books, his rituals work very well. Ford says that you shouldn’t fear what you evoke. Am I just leaving an open portal?

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A section of EA’s “Evoking Eternity” addresses this matter. If your children or other people you live with aren’t being disturbed by the presence of these entities, I see no need to banish.

^ Agreed.

Does your home feel good?

If so, don’t bother, if it seems a bit yuck, then try banishing, or I now use this: In Darkness Bound.

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[quote=“Lady Eva, post:3, topic:7725”]^ Agreed.

Does your home feel good?

If so, don’t bother, if it seems a bit yuck, then try banishing, or I now use this: In Darkness Bound.[/quote]

I usually don’t banish, I feel it may be detrimental some of the time.
Especially when I have asked a demon to provide me with his familiars to assist.

However there was a time once when after doing a ritual I felt a presence that made me feel uncomfortable , the presence of a spirit that had come along with the demon that I had evoked.
And I didn’t feel it was doing anything good or had any place lingering so I banished it.

I think banishings are not from the entities we call,but for other little things that can sneak in,or unwanted energies.Sometimes when you call a powerful entity,only his power is enough to draw other things over your ritual space.I’m not sure how and why this happens,but something tells me that we share the same space with many other beings.

If you call an entity outside in the forest,you’ll draw attention of the beings that inhabitating this area.Unless you can see very clear what’s going on astraly,i think it’s wise to use cleansings and banishings…

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I don’t like banishing, and only do it when it gets to the point where family are literally sick to go in the basement. My oldest had some auditory communication while skating downstairs not in a negative way but still freaked him out. It seems like while not banishing each evocation or working comes to fruition much faster and with more powerful results.
So if you don’t feel a bad vibe don’t do it. Plus it seems like a dick move to ask an entity for help and then say fuck off right after.

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i agree with everything stated above

when i was starting in the occult i practiced LBRP too many times.

it would have been better if i was just doing pushups instead of LBRP.

and i don’t banish now. but, still since i’m working with Kingdoms of Flames, i’ve been using banishing that Archaelus brought forth

Ashtu malku ta dat arkata
Sastus secks altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta
Veskalla regent met senturus
Ta sastrus estos melta
Kelta kelta, kelta hine!

it’s quick, powerful, demonic and sweet!

i don’t banish after the workings, i only banish before workings.

an example from today:

i was sitting by the river getting ready to throw in the shivalingam i made and used in ritual from Masik Shivaratri, night of the New Moon, known as the Night of Shiva. and i was holding it in my hands and started chanting NaMaSiVaYa, and i felt great need to banish before i do that.

i said the banishing text and i forgot all about my working day and was in the correct state to finish the ritual.

so, in my case, the energies to be banished are not higher spiritual forces, but unknown energetic soup gathered from mundane people contact.

banish away! or, as mr. Garrison said, “Fuck 'em all to death!”

seriously, check out the Kingdoms of Flames. it’s really a great banishing!

Well my friend if it is Michael Ford book he does not say to banish because Practitioners of Draconic Sorcery dont banish. I know this because i am a Draconic Practitioner. its a way for us to attune to the energiess of the current we work with.

A jawful of sharp teeth is only symbolic of potential predatory nature to us and akin to the planet we live on and our understanding of the natural world. What relevance does this actually have on a universal level ? On these grounds and with no evidence to verify any similitude fear is illogical and thats merely on the grounds of it looking ferocious.