Should I ask help for help

So I am having trouble with my Valkiery wife she says that I am not the same since I when back to Middgard and when I ask about how and who I was before I am always shut down. I know that hel will help just because it is going to piss off her grandfather Odin but I am in service to him what should I do?

Perhaps ask Odin?

He is the one who has been brushing me off

You have to sit down and meditate on the changes that took place in you since you went back to Middgard. She is not going to tell you. You have to figure that out for yourself! I know the type. Maybe you can do a banishing or something like that and banish any changes that came into you after your return to Middgard. I would guess its is the energies that she is having issue with. But that is a hunch. Maybe your attitudes changed. But doing a ritual where you can feel your energies before and after may help with discovering what has her in such a state.

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