Should EA work for free?

Hell nO! yeah, I am financially challenged; but what he puts out for free already is good enough for me. but he has earned to make a living- few have actually sacrificed, like he has to get to where he is, and get ALOT OF US where we are.
love you EA, and keep on doing what you are doing !!!


He is doing a great job and it is amazing to see that he was able to put it together through 2 peoples work.
Many people are now trying to do what he is doing, but they have a guide line through EA’s work whereas EA did not have anything to go from.

I will always respect a leader, no matter how far down the opposite spectrum they are. As i do not use Rituals and Magick but am still able to use Erics advice for my own gains. Ever since I was 16 i could place thoughts in to peoples minds. And that is good enough for me as there is a lot of benefit to it when you want someone to suffer or be happy.

And yes he is doing some great work… And to be honest, when i first came across it, i could not believe he was so casual about summoning Dark Lords lmao. It was awesome i thought and i nearly started doing it myself but i honestly do not need it as i can do a lot myself.


Of course not… And if he doesn’t want, he will not…

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I personally believe doing ritual work demands compensation in most cases. But a magician is free to do it for free. It depends on the individual’s beliefs.

Reminds me of this:

With any successful professional, people see that visible 10% and figure there’s plenty there to be handed out for free to poor little needy people like themselves, like the guy or gal sleepwalked effortlessly there through unfair chance… what they don’t see is the 90%, which is sweat and leaps of faith and sheer hard work that went in and continues to be put in to have that level of accomplishment.

People want what other more successful people have, whether it’s designer shoes, a mansion, or the kind of intangibles we talk about on here, but most are not willing to do what their possessors did to actually get those things.


I have spread the word of EA’s work.

I have people watching His youtube work and when they try the next step of wanting my PDF I tell them here is $20. If they like it then they are obligates to buy it for the next ten frustrated black magicians. Seven gifts thus far.

Go buy the book, EA and company worked very hard on it. It is a serious PhD level work of things that few have the guts to put together.

So to everyone at BALG, THANK YOU. I will be gleefully buying new things as I feel I am ready for them.

I have to finish the food on My plate with BALG first. After that consultations and time in the desert.

I have to get past the first mile markers first.

I want My time in the desert to be worth Mine and EA or whomever mentor’s time.


My thoughts are this. Would you expect a doctor or lawyer to work for free (all the time)? Is there any profession where someone always works for free? No, there isn’t. Even a pastor at a Christian church makes money. It’s necessary in order to continue to do what they do. Why when it comes to the occult, do people suddenly think it should be simply a “labor of love”?

Another point I feel I can make here is that you get what you pay for. That works two ways actually. With sufficient money coming in, EA can make better things. Also though, when you pay for something you are more likely to respect and use it. Getting something for free doesn’t fire off the same neurons in the brain that paying for something does.

Okay, enough rambling from me. That’s my .02 for what it’s worth.


I cringe when I hear free.

The people who want things for free are bums…

First they want something for free…

Then they want to borrow money…

Then they are on facebook at the beach or on vacation having the vacation you couldn’t afford because you lent them money. Of course I just became the family assole so they would stop asking.

These people can be culled.


I have sent so many to this forum, I can find a better place for anyone.

I agree here, hell no.
He’s jumped off the cliff for himself but also for us. It’s a brave and dangerous thing to do. I have much respect and love the heck out of his free stuff but it’s never crossed my mind to have issue with what he charges for.

I buy what I can afford from the authors he brought my way and from him as well.
More power to him.

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In Santeria and other Afro-genous religions, there’s a strong almost universal dictum: something for something. And this has nothing to do with courtesy or manners or recognizing someone’s effort: it’s simply how ashe works. We have to give something: money, blood, vegetables, food, drink, candy (usually very specific things) to empower an entity’s ashe to accomplish what we want it to do. It’s like food to strengthen the body so it can do what it needs.

However, I have a very hard time asking payment of any type for what I do. I suppose a disconnect between brain and heart.


At the end of the day be who you are. :slight_smile:

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Should the mechanic fix your car for free? Plumber work for free? Your accountant? No! If you either don’t have the time or the confidence to do something well on your own so you get someone else to do it for you, you always pay them. That’s how it works. I don’t understand why people treat magickal services like it is somehow an exception to that. Tell the mechanic that they should fix your car for free and see how that works.

Now my brother who is a mechanic might help me out cuz we are family. And I’ll do Magick for him to help him out. But that’s family. Everyone else must compensate.


Interesting subject. Time, energy spent, gain is money as always. Fair days labor for a fair days pay. Compensation should be just. But If we freely receive we should freely give. The most interesting thing I have noticed about obsession with money is this::
I have not ever seen a Hearse pulling a U-Hall behind it. Think about that one for a moment if you will.
What gain have we received if we only share knowledge for a price? Balance is the key. E.A. should receive compensation as any one else for services rendered. Yet, withholding the knowledge that can bring enlightenment based on ability to pay, does oneself and the spirits an injustice. Think about it. If I I ever break the barrier where I can heal folks at will, bring desperately needed rain, materialize food to feed the hungry, I personally feel obligated to do so , regardless of their ability to pay. Yup, I am a bit odd .
More of a Robin Hood philosophy. Just saying, those who have lots of money can finance my quest.

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But someone pays for the hearse, and stripped right back, even if someone dies pennliess, other people’s taxes pay for the state to dispose of their mortal remains, even in a mass grave from a panel van.

That presumes their need for that knowledge exists in a way more compelling than the would-be teacher’s need for food, housing, heat, water, and extras on top.

One can live a life of spiritual inactivity and still be happy and even a decent person who helps others, but one cannot live without clean water, and in most regions, shelter is necessary too.

Just ideas, not really arguing… the whole monetary system as it stands needs an overhaul, beginning with usury (one thing the Muslims have 100% correct, the Christian church used to have a strong stance on this as well).


With all the clients he has to deal with, if it were me, I’d be charging the hell out of them too.


Especially the ones that I remember Kurtis Joseph talked about where a dude wanted to marry lillith and she told him to if I remember right shove a cheeta up his ass? Lol I have to find that again


It was Hekate and she responded with something about cutting his dick off

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Found it Fuckin pussies! - #20 by KurtisJoseph

I hope @KurtisJoseph doesn’t mind that I bring it back up it does sort of break some confidentiality if he asks @Lady_Eva can you remove it?


Beautiful! :star_struck:

And yes, if needed. :smiley:

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