Should Black Magickians Remove Their Chakra System?

No. It is known. It is related with the balance of chemicals, emotions, hormones and the cyrcadian pattern.

@KurtisJoseph talks about this concept in a youtube clip that’s very revealing, and in greater depth in Black Magick Of Ahriman. In essence the chakra system is like a combination lock that’s emanation of the false light of Ahrua Mazda. It keeps us enslaved, and binds us to our limitation. By freeing yourself from their influence, you’ll have way more freedom and power at your disposal. However since I don’t want to missrepresent Kurtis’s work hopefully he’ll fill in the gaps that I am not able to convey, due to my limited experience and exposure to the current. I need more solid basics before undertaling it.

E.A also talks about the chakras in the Mastering Soul Travel course, you push them away from you at a certain point in the program thus enabling you to travel into the higher and highest planes.

So the answer based upon my limited experience is: yes, it’s something you should do.


@Lady_Eva funny you mention the slave system… i’m reading a book at the moment which discusses energy and the slave system currently at play on Earth: (very interesting read)

anyway… in regards to the chakras i have noticed that eating different colours does have a differing effect on where the energy settles and moves from… for example drinking beetroot juice or eating dark grapes has an almost immediate effect of concentrated energy around the head, whereas eating mangoes the energy settles within the stomach and then travels to other parts of the body… the rainbow has 7 colours and the chakras are essentially 7 main ones, so there must be a correspondance… although i have noticed that the rainbow is reversed in colour compared to the chakra system coloring (like a mirror image) - the chakras are also related to our endocrine glands (x7) - so i;ve heard

have any of you heard of this DNA activation: ? It isn’t based on removing all the chakras, although it is based on merging two chakras to create some kind if infinity circuit to seal your fragmented body… what are your thoughts?

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Okay this is controversial :smiley: but I can see the point or removing/merging/fucking with chakras, because we’ve been indoctrinated to believe a lot of stuff is the same with everyone and I doubt that to be true. This is based on observation and healing people, and animals, who can’t do placebo effect (and remote healing people who don’t even know it’s happening).

Just craft your own system based on what makes sense and feels right and watch for new energy centres forming, I have seen that happen on magicians, on here but also in offline life, people I spend real face-to-face time with… I think the idea we all have the same energy body is about as daft as thinking we all have the same height of skin colour or ability to carry a tune, and even the defaults we’re born with change due to environmental things, habits, choices and so on.

Some people are left handed, have three nipples, an extra toe, or their heart on the right side of the body, these are massive manifest changes, so I doubt we all have the same energy centres. What works great for one person may be disastrous for another, so i don’t think there’s one solution, try things out and see how they make you feel. :+1:

I do agree about food colour, I noticed things like that as well.


Keep them!!

I did that about a month ago. I was meditating, and visualised my chakras being pulled from me, one by one, like they were once inside me, they are now pulled to be in front of me. Then I visualised a pair of scissors cutting their links to me. And then I let go.

Somehow, new centres were created where my chakras used to be, and since then, I feel that my ability to manipulate or regulate energy inside of me got a lot stronger.

I feel that the original chakras were “containminated” in the sense that in addition to being our energy centres, they had other structures mixed into it so that we can be controlled via the chakras. By cutting them loose or destroying them, you allow the new and authentic chakras to be re-born, the new chakras that really serve you for what you need.


That’s great!

There is a phenomenon experienced in shamanic work called “shamanic dismemberment” in which the initiate (and often, adepts) enter a ritualistic, and usually painless, dismemberment ceremony using blades, sharp crystals or energy shards, even fire, and then are either given new form by spirits or, usually, “re-grow” their astral flesh back in a healthier and more powerful form.

You appear to have had a very archetypal experience occur naturally and without prompting, which bodes well for your ascent (however you may define that term). :+1:


I played around with this concept last year while pathworking a vampiric current. Sort of “breaking” the Solar Plexus and reversing it’s polarity from instead of radiating energy to consuming energy. The exercise itself only focused on the Plexus but after finishing the process, the rest of the chakras seemed to follow suit lol. The effects were extremely potent and much more than placebo / imaginary sensations. After about four months though, I slacked off on my practice and started to move away from the current, after not “feeding” the Plexus for awhile it started to re-polarize and went back to normal, seems like that method requires constant focus to maintain the effects, at least for long enough to solidify the transformation. Just my two cents worth of experience! If you can keep up the focus and practice for long enough to make it a permanent part of your reality, some pretty wacky stuff can transpire!


I thought I would revisit this since I am working through the soul travel course and this has suddenly become relevant. EA prescribed chakra removal as a key to getting out of the abyss during the dark night of the soul. It is interesting that the sensations that I felt when I did this match his description. Validation in an unexpected place.

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And how are you feeling? More powerful, your magic manifests easier? Results are more than satisfying?

This topic is very interesting, I will follow it closely.

I think a good deal of what you asked,
is answered by reading Kurtis Joseph’s works,
specifically on Black Alchemy, Black Flame ignition,
Duna and Dehag.

Those guidelines should sufficiently get you to a point,
where you’re safely able to control and manipulate your own chakras,
and at least from my understanding,
these works include a path where you transcend the regular Chakra System. :wink:

In fact, these Workings pre-dated much of that “white-light new agers”, which you refer to. :wink:

However, if you prefer to gain your gnosis directly through Spirits,
Belial, and Lucifuge Rofocale would be the most apropriate starting points,
to get to the same conclusions, as released by Kurtis Joseph.



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Also to take not that not everything in these times of which was mention earlier. Since is behind on a lot of things, however I am seeing more things being caught up on.

I read some year ago about people wanting to remove their chakra systems.
If you actually know what a chakra is, then you know you can’t remove them.

They are not rules, and they are not used to enslave anyone.

What’s a chakra?

Outlets of spiritual energy that compose your spiritual presence.
While I work a lot with the phenomenon people call chakras, I admit that I know far from enough about them.

However, removing them is considered impossible, and foolish, as they are literally your spiritual organs.

Your mind enslave itself, but you don’t hear people who want to remove their brains.

Should mention that I am pretty much an anti-Buddhist.
Peace of mind is not a priority, all that matters to me is growth and power.
If you live your entire life fighting and in pain, it matters not, as long as you refine yourself and become stronger.

So that is my dog in this fight.



Your experiment sounds very interesting. It’s hard for me to tell how geniunely interested people are here in the traditional system of chakras since they have their minds made up that chakras are evil slave masters etc

BUT I will add my two cents based on what I know AND the results you are reporting

So little known fact about the yoga system of chakras is that it is considered ideal to eventually learn how to run off the energy from your heart up being removed from the root chakras

Based on your visualization and effects it sounds like you found a way to do that

So it’s not really so much like you’re killing them off but more like realigning them

The chakras within a traditional yoga system is simply your own life force energy that’s just the way this system describes it and it’s always up to the operator if that makes sense to them and is something they want to work with or not

If chakras don’t make sense to you feels to repressive etc

The operator is always free to think of it in another way

So in short interesting experiment thanks for sharing



What your describing sounds a lot like the aryuvedic diet. So you might find it helpful to look into

I personally don’t follow it just eat intuitively and a lot of people even doctors reccomend eating a variety of colors

But because you’re so close to it intuively maybe you’d enjoy the aryuvedic approach?

It’s closely related to yoga and the chakra system not the same but considered a “sister”

The chakras are located in the etheric body.
I don’t believe astral bodies have or need chakras.
Chakras are mainly used to regulate energy coming into the physical and etheric bodies