Shortly I will be going through a Death and Rebirth

In fifteen minutes, I will be beginning the rite.

I’m taking this time to write down my last words before my death and rebirth.

It’s been a fun ride up to this point. I’ve pissed a lot of people off, had a hell of a good time doing it, and I’ve seen and experience more than most people can ever hope to see. I know I will come through on the other side a changed man, better and purer than I was, but part of me is screaming inside at the facing of my own demise, and while i have the courage to face it, I still have my fear.

As far as epitaphs are concerned, this one seems to be fairly short, but in any case, you will hear from me again, but not until after the rites are completed, and the rebirth has occurred.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow, on the other side.

Aquas Veritem ~ The Waters of Truth.

(No, I’m not actually dying, it’s a symbolic death and rebirth)


Best wishes

So I am reborn, but I wont come into my new self completely until the Void of Course ends at 2:51 AM.

I can feel that something has changed, and I feel different, but I still kinda feel the same. Tomorrow morning will be interesting.


Tomorrow I will be posting the whole rite I did.


Sounds cool man

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I just posted the rite.

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