Short but amazing spirit board session but some things unknown

I started using the spirit board and soon as I put the planchette down and touched it I felt lots of energy and power and the planchette before I started speaking tried flying fast off the board but I stopped it and asked who are you and it responded Laxax and the rest is really irrelevant but it was very powerful I could tell but I don’t know this spirit is it another name for abraxax or abraxis

You should be careful , imposter spirits can come and lead you down a loop

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Thanks it probably was a imposter spirit why would a litteral god take the time for a spirit board session unless he was summoned to

I’m not saying it’s not the deity you’re trying to reach , what I’m saying is you should try to be cautious .

Ya I get you it’s always wise to be careful with anything especially spirit boards where it’s easy for anything or anyone to just hop on and potentially cause issues lot of imposters your right

Yup. Feel free to ask more questions .