Shooting Stars

Idk where this fits best so Divination it is.
Firstly, I am aware that shooting stars aren’t stars.
I was sitting outside on my patio earlier tonight. I was reading posts on here, actually, and smoking a cigarette. I felt an urge to look back over my shoulder at the night sky, and I saw the big dipper (my favorite constellation). I somehow knew a shooting star was about to appear, so I was looking for it. My neck hurt from the angle and nothing happened at first, but I heard “patience” in my head. A few seconds later it happened, a shooting star right by the BD where I was looking.
My theory is that the huge amounts of energy given off by it burning up in the atmosphere could have “pinged my radar”, but again I knew it was going to be there before it became visible. Any theories or similar experiences? I thought it was pretty cool regardless.


I often have urges to stare at the sky and I see a lot of “stars” that play with me. They will come closer, go back up out of the atmosphere or glide across the sky and then shoot off like a shooting star. I always feel like I’m being summoned when this happens. Not the same, but similar.

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It could be that you are picking up on the skygird subconsciously. I’ve noticed before a shooting star passes by, they skygrid begins to tremble and vibrate. Kind of like a spiders web. The vibrating intensifies as it gets closer. So as I was watching it vibrate I was thinking “wth is going on”. And then a few seconds later a shooting star shot over head. As it passed across each line of the grid… the lines of it acted like strings on a guitar. They bent towards the star as it passed.
And once it passed, the grid was steady again and all was quiet.


That’s pretty cool too, and interesting for sure. I’ve seen the bright thing you’re referring before but only once, I was in Germany at the time. Brightest blue star-looking thing, stationary for a bit then shot off, made a 90 degree turn without slowing and vanished behind a cloud.

That would make sense, ill have too look into this sky grid and see what I find out.

That is interesting, the sky has always looked like a tv screen to me but also I can see what you’re saying.

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It reminds of “Mystra’s Weave” in D&D lore.