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Last Saturday I began a pathworking through Enochian using the book Success Magick by Damon Brand. I shared some of my results from performing the first ritual here. At first I was reluctant, but after some reflection, consideration, and planning, I have decided that now is an ideal time for me to perform these rituals. I sense that this work is worthwhile, and that I will need to be immersed in demonic power for the work that I want to do in my future. I see this as being similar to my experience with Wealth Magick. It may not be the system I spend most of my time with throughout this life, but it seems that it can enhance all future work that I do.

Today marks the final day of the first ritual, Vision. The ritual calls upon Nalvage, and the power of Vision is said to be the power of clear and joyful perception. It is said that those who possess this power can see beyond the illusions of the mortal plane. The sigil used in the ritual contains four quadrants, representing a journey from lamentation, discord, and confusion to a place of peace and joy. Though results have already been forthcoming, it seems that this journey will continue as the work progresses.

The results have made sense, given the description of the power, though they have not been entirely expected. It was revealed to me that I chose to incarnate what could be said to be my soul through this physical vessel. Such ideas had occurred to me in passing before, but never had the impression hit me so clearly and vividly. I selected this life because it has great potential, and it would have been a tragedy without the powers of magick. Growing up I had this sense that I would not make it past an early age. It seems that this foresight was not inaccurate, but also not entirely literal. The self of my childhood has died to make way for my greater magickal self to arise. Such an experience has already occurred several times for me, it seems.

The powers have also unsurfaced a suppressed memory from my childhood. There was an instance when someone became violent with one of my siblings while we were relatively young. We were in our house, and he attacked without warning or restraint. I acted without thinking. Something possessed me in that moment, something which upon remembrance is undeniably demonic. I remember struggling with him, and then holding him down as he thrashed beneath me. I protected my family, and cried afterwards as my mind returned to me. When this memory re-emerged, I assumed that I needed to process the trauma of violence occurring through me at such an age. It became clear that this was not the case. I remembered that moment as I held the assailant down, and I remembered the power and the absolute pleasure of enacting violence upon the one who had attacked those who I protected. What needed to be resolved was the hatred that I never allowed myself to fully feel. I realized that this moment was a gift.

Other such personal revelations have occurred, and not usually during the rituals, but through the natural process of unfolding thought. The rituals have been relatively uneventful, save for one or two performances. In these I could feel myself being pulled up out of my physical body, similar to how I feel when pathworking with Lucifer. In today’s ritual, I saw the Earth as a square, with concentric circles radiating out from it. I knew that these represented the Aethyrs which I will soon be traversing. Prior to this image I saw no visuals, but could feel an expansion within my mind.

Going forward, I will be making a few modifications to my ritual process. I have already added the Light from the Dark technique (as described in a few of the GOM books), and I may add the archangel banishing as well (it certainly has been a while). I also intend to chant the associated Key for each ritual prior to chanting the divine and angel names. The author states that this is not required, but acknowledges that this does have value. I imagine they were omitted from the text to simplify the rituals for beginners, and perhaps to shield them from potentially overwhelming energies and experiences. I will also switch to performing the rituals seated, as I do with Lucifer magick. I have performed angel magick standing in the past, but I want to ensure that I can relax my body to enable me to hold and maintain any extended visions produced in the rituals. I already re-create the sigil by hand, and will continue to do so with each upcoming sigil. For the first few I will reference the alphabet guide to learn the letters. I have also been more diligent with recording my dreams, and will likely use this as a pathway to explore the angelic realms. I recently had a partial “projection” experience, and with continued practice I expect to be able to have these experiences more regularly. This is less for strictly “practical” purposes, but I have received a glimpse into these heavens, and the experience seems very worth the time invested.

I will not be summoning demons anywhere near as much as is my usual practice, but I will remain open to the possibility of performing summonings while in the midst of this pathworking. It seems that Kelly was at times summoning demons throughout the reception of Enochian, and this did not seem to impact the work in a negative way. Enochian will remain my focus until the work is done, but considering how I see this work as complementary to my main demonic practice, I could see myself potentially benefiting from a dose of demonic energy at times, or even just a breather from what will likely be an intense pathworking.

Unless something occurs to otherwise change my mind, I will continue to make these posts weekly as I perform this work, sharing some of my insights and experiences (I am sure that some things I will want to keep more personal). This seems to be aligned with the spirit of Enochian, and will likely make for good content besides. I suppose that I will keep these posts within one thread to prevent overly cluttering the forum and to keep this organized.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to sharing these wondrous experiences with all of you.



I learned Enochian magick with “Enochian World of Aleister Crowley”, which explains Crowley’s “Liber Chanokh” (which is included in the book), there Enochian magick is presented as the system itself, and one decides how to apply it (there are several examples in it about how to use it for sex magick). I’ve had success summoning angels and using God names from the tablets, plus applying it to tarot study. I still have to learn how to summon Enochian demons, but I’ve had no problems working with my regular Qabalah demons, or even using the God names for sex magick with my incubi and succubi.

Here are some experiences of mine:

And an Enochian curse

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Thank you for the information. I plan on working through the book I mentioned because I trust the work of the Gallery of Magick more than most other occult authors, including Crowley. I haven’t read much Crowley, but from what I have read the Gallery seems to have made many innovations working as a group since Crowley’s time (and some during his time, I assume), and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to work with such cutting-edge magick. There are, of course, other great occultists out there (and in here), but I tend to prefer more modern methods. Thelema is a bit too mish-mashy for me as well. I never really connected with the Egyptian stuff personally, but clearly the Egyptians had some pretty good stuff.

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Kelley was constantly reprehended for dealing with demons and even required to destroy his materials of demonic magic. See the TFR.

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I mentioned it because there are a lot of books and methods on the subject, and that is the one I work with, and Enochian magick is not often talked about here. I think that if something is not broken, there is no need to fix it, and all the currents I know that are based on Thelema worsen the things instead of improving them, easier is not always a synonym of better. It is my humble opinion

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@Diazin I’ve read John Dee and the Empire of Angels by Jason Louv (which seemed legit, cites its sources) so I’m reasonably aware of their angelic conversations, and personally I don’t believe that Kelly’s demonic work interfered with the process. If anything, it was more Dee and Kelly’s difficulties operating as a team that created any errors in the reception, in my opinion.

If Enochian wasn’t compatible with demon magick, I wouldn’t do it, and Lucifer is making it clear to me that nothing about me will change in a way that would displease me.

@MagusOfGamaliel Of course, and I appreciate the contribution. There are many ways to go about things. The Gallery’s books and website were how I learned magick, and I still connect really well with their way of doing it, but at the end of the day if we’re working with the same source materials we’re connecting to the same thing.

Enochian isn’t something that most newbies hear about these days it seems, so I’m not too surprised it doesn’t get a lot of attention. It probably didn’t help that the most basic rituals supposedly required you to literally make furniture, which I’m discovering for myself is definitely not the case. I can see how it could help with more convoluted stuff, though.


Very nice @shinri I completed the first ritual of the book some time ago, as I detailed in my own journal, but never received the effect you have from it so I haven’t gone any further with it. However, since I am still working with Enochian, I may pick it up again.

I shall read your experience with interest.

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Idk about this book you mentioned, never read it, but every single book on enochian magic ive seen so far tend to ignore the speeches the angels give to Dee and Kelley, and just focus on the practical aspects of the system. But the speeches themselves are actually crucial to understand the system, for most of it is explained in them.

For instance, the GD enochiana is completely made up based on their own notions and system. But there’s no elemental quadrant in the Great table of the Earth, there’s a specific sub-quadrant that deals with the elements, but even those elements are the sublunar elemental forces, and thus belong to the section of natural magic, and therefore in their corrupt forms, although these are of a dignified form in nature. The pure elemental forces are to be found in the Tabula Collecta, which is found in Liber Tertius, and belongs to the realm of Celestial Magic. The practical implication of this is that if you want to “ascend”, the tabula collecta should be your choice, not the “godnames” (as GD calls them) found in the Great Table of the Earth. The Great Table is actually the realm of IGNORANCE, and the work of the magician is to restore its dignity and virtue, that is, restore the dignity and virtue of Nature itself. So, the GD was taking as the highest part of the system what is actually the lowest. No wonder the many horror stories around their use of the system, I myself having used it for quite some time untill I found something was just wrong with it. This what I said is plainly explained in page 76 of TFR, and the translation of the Call of the Aethyrs complements it. A few pages ahead, the angels demand Kelley to burn one of his demonic seals in their presence, explaining how demonic forces were hindering their work, and there are many many other parts talking against working with demons.

Its not that there’s no demonic work in the system, but the work is solomonic in nature, that is, the demons must be put to work towards GREATER GOODNESS, or at least resonable and fair personal purposes, and never worshipped, but brought into submisson unto the UNIVERSAL GOODNESS, that is, the force the angels call God. The system is about dignifying nature and putting everything, every being in due and good place to the overall scheme of things, and all being nourished by God.


Dude, you just gave voice to my own thoughts. That’s just creepy lol

I’ve been searching for Enochian sources not based on Golden Dawn work.


From what I understand of how Success Magick lays out the system, you begin by summoning Nalvage, whom if I recall correctly was one of the most involved angels throughout the conversations. Following this, rituals 2-19 each work with the Great Table of the Earth and the Keys. After this come the Aethyrs, divided into two groups. The sigils used for these rituals contain the Key used to open the Aethyr written in a circle surrounding one of the Watchtower tables, with certain letters omitted according to a pattern the author does not elaborate upon. The Aethyrs are worked through top to bottom (LIL to TEX).

I will have to see for myself as I progress, but it seems to make sense to me to begin with the Earth, then move to the heavens and descend back down to the Earth. Perhaps for others a different approach would work better, but for me, as a being who thrives in the realm of illusion, it seems like a logical progression.

I personally do not think that the demons must be subjugated or bound under God. I understand the value in working for the greater good of humanity, as that is the greater good of myself, but I do not view this work as bowing before God’s will, not for me. My intent is to find a blend in my personality such that my true desires are aligned with the progress of humanity. I certainly agree that we occultists are here to change this world, but I do not care to submit myself to another’s plan. I am creating my own reality, and that reality often bumps into other ones. I want my reality to infinitely expand so that I can share that expansion with those around me, and they in turn with me.

If the angels start getting antsy about demons running around then I’ll figure out what to do, but I honestly do not expect that to be much of an issue. I understand that my focus needs to remain on Enochian to fully experience the magick, but I also acknowledge that demonic energy is sometimes just really what I need, and so there will almost certainly be times when I do that during this work. I believe these to be complementary forces, not forces that work against one another, and so I see no cause for concern over this, especially considering the more practical nature of this approach to Enochian. I would not be surprised if I returned to Enochian again someday to experience some of the more complicated aspects of the system, but for now this seems like just what I need.


This seems quite different from the Golden Dawn’s approach, so if you’re feeling pulled to Enochian I say dive in and see how it goes.

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The full potential of this work is beginning to open up to me. For some time now I have had ideas of what I want and where I’m going, but these had been more subtle pulls in my mind than clear visions of potential. I had spent many months torn between possibilities, attempting to juggle and piece together the many and varied desires rattling around in my mind, and in this confusion I found stagnation, but also a different kind of clarity. It feels like I reached into my subconscious and the twisting and turning tunnels of memory and found all that could be said to be true about me (or close enough to all, at least). It was not the confusion that broke me, but the knowledge. How could I live, knowing that I wanted all of this? How could I possibly live my life and experience all that I want to experience without sacrificing a core part of myself, without one day lying on my death bed, knowing that a piece of me had been pushed down, denied the light of my time and attention? How could I choose which pieces of myself to deny?

The path is far from crystal clear, but I have begun to find answers to these questions, and have come to realize that there is always a way, if you know the path. Some of these answers have been before me for some time, in various forms, nudging me, hinting at what I may become. From each person I have received guidance beyond their knowing, and from each experience I have received wisdom to accelerate my development. Reality shapes and contorts itself according to my needs.

Doubt has plagued me. In recent times, it has sprung from the determined explorations of my mind, and the discoveries I made therein. But there was a deeper, more insidious doubt, a doubt forced upon me throughout my childhood years. Inducing “learned helplessness” is a common tactic among abusive parents, whether they are consciously aware of what they are doing or not, and it was certainly thrust upon me. I was made to believe many things about myself, primary among them being that I could not stand for myself, that without them I would never make it in the “real world.” None of what they said was true, and all of it was to advance their agenda of controlling me and grooming me into their shiny and presentable trophy, or their substitute husband.

I may be all sorts of fucked up, but this does not have to stop me from living the life that I want to live, and it does not have to stop me from being happy. I enjoy long walks, and on these walks I have been given moments of beauty that transcend all the harshness of this world. In these moments, the light of the heavens themselves shines through. I look out at the world, and I see a painting, dynamic, moving, glowing with color. In the soft pitter-patter of rain on my face, I can feel a gentle care for me, free from condition or corruption. In the best of these moments, I am like a child once again.

Nalvage has shown me her face. It stretched across the sky of my mind, with a gentle smile, that said, “Hi, it’s good to see you again.”

Since last week, I have made several adjustments to my ritual practice. When I wake for the day, I begin by performing ritual 1 with the Nalvage sigil, with the archangel banishing to open the ritual. I tried doing Light from the Dark after this, but the light from the circle was too distracting. I do not banish before the main ritual, but do perform LftD. I have also taken up mindfulness meditation once again. I began with a 30 minute sit, and have been working my way back to one hour. On less distracting days I am around Stage 4, pushing 5 of the The Mind Illuminated system, and I am pleased that my old training has persisted to a degree.

Thank you for reading.