Shifting reality

Isnt there any method in mysticism or yoga that can make me literally shift reality and create a new one ea koetting has made a video about it which is the secrets of the power eye so i want to know if it is possible and if so how to do it

Yes - mysticism and yoga ARE the techniques. :slight_smile:

If you mean “is there something I can learn in one soundbite and not have to do any work?” then the answer is, probably not.

Ok miss so what are the techniques that will make me shift reality and create a new one

The technique I mean is, basically, yoga - not the “yummy mummies in a church hall working their glutes” type, actual Union of self with the source of all creation. Arguably, “re-union” but the point is the perceived seperation falls away, and you get your hands in God’s toolbox, so to speak. You yoke the larger Self to your smaller self’s will.

This thread shows what I did, you basically just collapse the polarity of observed and observer (small individual you) into the larger You that is non-differentiated from the All, i.e., you BECOME created/creator.

But keeping your will intact during that process to create a reality that’s different than the one you already co-created is a bit tricksy, sometimes - easy on smaller things, harder when trying to change the mass-observed stuff.

Reality is a small part of the whole we have built up around ourselves to live in.