Shift Work and The Pineal Gland

I have heard that it is imperative to get natural daylight or UV light in order to keep the pineal gland functioning at efficiency for the part of it’s job relating to sleep/wake cycles. Being the same gland, natural light absorption may affect astral senses too.

How many of us work night shifts or swing shifts in our jobs? Are those of you who do having trouble building astral senses? What do you think the effects of shift work would be on the Third Eye? I imagine it may be detrimental. Might there be work-arounds when you can’t decide between your only source of income and clear communication with the spirits?


Girl…if that is the case then I am fucked. I don’t see the daylight…like a damn vampire right now with my clinical and studies currently. grrrr

hehe…I also heard it is a lot about detoxing…your diet and working with 3rd eye focused meditations. Could a “light therapy” lamp not provide this deficit? Y’know…the ones they sell for the season affective disorder depression types…hmmm…would be a good option.

You should look into them. :wink:

I agree with you…I think anything out of rhythm of the “natural” current and going against it instead would prove to be somewhat if not completely detrimental. Go with the flow…all that other bullshit cliché talk…


Good thinking and rationales…keep it up!!! You have all the answers inside…just look within and ask.


Reasonable and logical as always! :dizzy::stars:


Yes…it is funny how at times the answer is truly just that. Common sense…practicality…

yet…we remain blind -------go back to hitting your head against a brick wall…

I don’t know


Your awake to the truth of being and that’s all that can matter

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I avoid the sun as much as possible and my 3rd eye is very strong. I keep it that way by consistent meditation. Many years ago I used to lay down with my limbs stretched out (like a star) in a quiet meditation with different energy stones on my energy points and 3rd eye and it made alot of difference. Amethyst works very well. Some people meditate to binaural beats and swear by it. Some people avoid ingesting fluoride. There’s many ways around the sun method, it just might take a bit longer.


I’m not really a daytime person, and this is through CHOICE - I’ve never found it detrimental, quite the opposite in fact, so you need have NO worries there.

But if you want more than just us resident night-birds as evidence, in one of the heavy and well-researched academic books about Persian magick, people who practiced were called something like “those who creep around by night” - I canlt recall the exact phrase from the book now and don;t have my notes at this location.

But they were basically inverting the normal rhythm and given my stark aversion to sunlight when I worked with Ahriman, avoiding it has a legit place in magickal practices, possibly the effects on the pineal gland somehow serves to open the senses?

Witchcraft has never seemed innately a daytime pursuit, even just searching for the terms witch & magic will tend to turn up images of darkness and moonlight, which are not scientific but they do give a window into the mass mind and the symbol set people naturally associate with these things.


Yep that is me.


I’m one of those people who are completely middle in a lot of things, and that includes wanting both the Sun and the Dark. Your answers make me believe that there are plenty ways to build up astral senses even around a weird schedule. I usually get put on night shifts, but right now I’m between jobs. I’ve found that I love waking up naturally around 10am-12pm, getting some morning Sun and playing in my garden, and staying up until 1-3am.

At my last job, I had long night shifts, and I started feeling like a second class citizen. Not much was ever open (not even in Charlotte or Greenville), I had to go sleepwalker for basic bank or post office needs, and anytime a friend or family member wanted to share time, I would just have to fuel up on energy drinks and stay up or just never see any of them. Thank the gods for books and TV shows on DVD or the rural SC night life may have bored me to death.
Other than magical works, what do you guys do to remain fully satisfied with a night-time kind of life.


I’m not sure. There really is nothing else for me than communicating with spirits and performing rituals when my kid finally sleeps. When she gets older maybe I’ll have some more independence lol. I actually plan my rituals the same way normal people plan their nights out with their friends. I’ll be sneaking into a cemetery tomorrow night like a teenager and it’s probably the most exciting thing I’ve done in weeks. :joy:


That reminds me of things my friends and I used to do as teens :slight_smile: , and that have sadly fallen off over the years for me. Maybe that magical inactivity was why Iife at night had lost some of it’s satisfaction.
You may have inspired me a bit. Thanks.


lol…you are amazing. She said “resident night-bird” awww love it

You need to write a book…or some sort of literary abstract piece …


I would love to read and see this

So…my question is…there are both solar and lunar energies. Lunar is the subconscious and solar is the conscious/earth/malkuth…etc. So…would you not wish to work with both energies? I get they are all also contextually symbolic and not necessary a literary translation of sorts…but, certainly there must be some truth in just plain sun light and energy…I don’t know.

Hmm…enlighten me---- or I will look into that-----as we went from the Gregorian/Julian…calendars I mean----and left the lunar all together----I mean, not sure how that is working out lmao

but…something along those lines speaks some knowledge I am missing with the solar/lunar aspects…


Personally the sunlight I like the most is sunrise, and sunset times, both liminal times and both evidently of enormous significance the world over to magicians and the shamanic/community-healers who knew they would mark the turning points for the hunt, and later for farming seasons.

They’re MY times with the might Solar energies, and I don’t feel deprived that they’re sometimes the only sunlight I get. :wink:


I can’t stand the sun. Even before I was practicing I would aviod it like the plague. It makes me feel horrible. I love the night. Have always BEEN a night owl. Sunrise is beautiful and greeting the day outside grounding and absorbing the energy is great. But thats around 5 or 6 Am. Then its out of the sun for me. When i go outside at night, under the moon is when i feel like most people do in the sun. I feel connected and it is beautiful. I’m Pisces and i love the moon. I have also always been very connected and magickal. I went through a spell where i felt i was not connected enough, but I think that’s because i demand too much of myself. I want to see and hear them like a person sitting next to me and that is just not possible all the time!!! (grrrr). Anyway. I don’t think it should cause an issue UNLESS (always has to be one of those doesn’t there. And you can guess what it is!) Unless you BELIEVE it will cause an issue. The moon has a lot of energy. Most witches work under her. The stones and tides get charged and cleansed by her. We do too. Mostly water you know. If you have issues and want sun then go out when you can and bask in it. The plants grow wonderfully in office building lights. I believe their needs are being met by fluorescent lights . So if you have those type of lights and are doing the other things you know to do to work those abilities you should be fine.


I’m a Pisces too. I think my real issue with missing the Sun, is the fact that I had felt actively disallowed from it, by scheduling that controlled my life at the behest of someone other than myself (employers). I don’t like that. Not having access to the Sun because of other people’s decisions, made me want the Sun. I love the Moon too, there’s nothing more beautiful. I’ve also always felt like those rare summer occurrences when you can see her through the
blue of the sky in the afternoon, are meaningful somehow. I think I’m fully Middle-Fence girl because I want them both and I don’t want anyone taking either from me with their oppressive schedules.
Is there such a thing as ambi-urnal?


Don’t stress about it that much just meditate on your ajna chakra for at least once a week and try not to consume anything with fluoride and you should be good.


You just want it all and you want it now! Nothing wrong with that! Like if someone’s asked me, what kind of icecream do you want? I say yes! A little of all! Why not.

I think you have to realize it is your choice. You are not a manipulated victim here at all. If you don’t like the hours you can change them, get days off, (7 days a week at work?) And always find another job. Unless you are a slave or indentured servant. In which case I’m very sorry!! Lol! You resent feeling disempowered and want what you feel is being withheld from you even more. That is understandable as is liking a balance of both. Balance is good. But hun, there is always a way. If you are not happy in your present situation, find a way to change it. Take back your power. That goes for anyone!

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You can work just as well with the moon as the sun. The thing about the day - pineal gland /light/sun/vitamin D etc is all good but as long as you are healthy and hydrated you can work in the night. I shift my sleep cycles according to what I am doing.