Shift in brain,

My brain seems to be ok now but over ther last week my brain has gone through an intense shift. I had pains in my temples at one point it felt like i had a big hole in my head! And another point i felt like i had a ball in middle of my brain and i could foucs on the “ball” and move it around my head, was darn painful!!
I have been working with Lucifer and at the time i did not have a clue it was him as written in a previous post.

Anyone have and ideas why or what this may be?


Energy shifts, clicks, feelings like something moving, or cavities forming, do happen when working with a new spirit/method sometimes, it seems mainly a case of Eva’s Law (when you do weird shit, weird shit happens) - would be cool to get you into some kind of real-time brain scanner though and see what that picks up!


(when you do weird shit, weird shit happens)
Hahahaa^^^ so true!
Yeah would be well interesting to get in a brain scanner! I have had kundalini activated for around 5 years now so would be very interesting!!

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Maybe it’s your third eye?

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Very possible, it was like dead center!!


One day I have to learn how to read. I first read shit in brain. That would be me lol. :joy: :joy::joy: :rolling_eyes: :sweat_smile: :rolling_eyes:

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