Shezmu Experiences

As some of you know, there is an Egyptian Black magick course coming out by Bill Douvendac (Spell check) I have had a lot of sychronicity with it and it will probably be the first course I buy in all honesty as I’ve never been attracted to any of the others.

Anyways, there’s a particular deity called Shezmu. He is the Lord of perfumes and oils and also the god of Destruction, dismemberment, and the related. Link:

Anyway, Bill made a joke saying you could call on Shezmu while spraying perfume to slaughter your enemies. I was spraying my cologne. I decided I would be playful and I saw spraying it and I said “I hear you Shezmu, I hear you” in my psychic senses, I saw a chesire cat smile as a response, which would seem he has a similar taste in humor.

However eventually I took a more serious approach, spraying the cologne and calling upon him for protection from negativity. I got a look from him that seemed more intrigued than anything else. However, it seems everyone else is taking the negativity while I’m perfectly fine. My mom’s gay friend got killed in a hit and run and a coworker got a gun pulled on them just before it was my time to walk in.


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What’s weird is the video where he’s talking about them is gone. I have a screenshot of it too.

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Thats creepy af

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Welcome to gods of death and destruction how can I help you? Lol.

Yeah, no I’m kinda used to this. I just found it interesting. The experience makes sense. I called for protection from negativity, I got just that. Everything got it but me. That is, the negativity, whereas I experienced safety.

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Spirits who deal in certain areas often have control over it in both ways.

For example people don’t realize that you can call on fertility gods to take someone else’s fertility.

Same goes with gods of luck.

So it would make sense that a god who causes destruction would be able to subvert it ! Good job !

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