Shemyaza's scribbles

Copied and pasted from a previous message, looking to hear your thoughts:
So I was listening to a podcast on shemyaza. I slowly began to fall asleep and I was jolted out of my sleep. I kept hearing my name being called by a soft voice. It said there was work to do. I pretty much responded with “who the hell are you?” “Shemyaza” was the reply, in what seemed to be a repulsive manner, due to my word choice. I began to invoke shemyaza. Something to note is that I’ve had snakes pop every once in awhile. As I was evoking him, there was another voice repeating everything I said. When he arrived I felt this weird inexplicable sensation in my brain area. Right now my third eye is activating on it’s own. He said “there’s so much and I’ve so much to tell you.” He was smiling. I decided to do something a bit different, automatic writing. So I got a lot.of scribbles but basically I entered a VERY light possession. I knew it wasn’t just me because I don’t even write this bad and it just felt as if I wasn’t really “in control” especially with my hands… I’ll send pictures in the morning but here’s what was said. I could hear myself asking some questions too.

“I’ve known you for a long (or some) time. You’re sought after by our kind for a reason. You’re something beyond what you think you are. Strip it away, see you (you was underlined.) You’re divine, let them go.”
Now there was something about an attack on myself and this was the response “he knows you. Find out, he’ll come to you. In danger.”
I haven’t been protecting myself lately so that may be the danger.

These were random: " war. Brother." "You’re on the cusp.
What do I need to know? “Your name”
“you’re better than you think you are. You’ll grow into it.” “You’ll understand.”


That sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to hear what you learn from this exchange

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waits for the ten percent

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Aren’t you quick to jump to conclusions?

proceeds to wait @In_Between_Worlds.

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Ok I reread it. Sounds to me like he’s breaking you out of the matrix and is going to help bring down the people trying to stop you from unplugging

continues to wait

I’m sorry, I will invoke shemjaza and send my best with him to you.

You will not.


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continues to wait for something that isn’t a clown


Can you not defend yourself?

More like you’re too boring.

This may be found useful to you. I found it inspiring.

The reason being, the lore states that the children of the Nephilim migrated to Ireland and Scotland. I’m sure there is lore all over the world claiming that they migrated here and there. BUT lore is in most cases based on some reality.

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@Atinama so you can make claims of grandeur but someone channeling a message is “ego blasting?”
That’s Not cool and why must there be defending oneself from an unnecessary attack, this isn’t highschool.
Just relax, this kind of talk isn’t new for spirits.

@Fallen_Angel this does sound like what a spirit would say. It seems Shemyaza wants you to break out of your mold.
I haven’t spoken with this spirit yet, I’ll be happy to see more, he seems very interesting.


Thanks for sharing, been curious about anything pertaining to Shemyaza. Will evoke sometime in the near future, as Shemyaza seems to send messages via songs stuck on repeat in my head


The automatic writing is a great idea though, maybe I’ll do it when I write some music…


I find it very stimulating and energizing.


He’s talking about a personal experience … That’s it.

And as far as defending himself… I probably wouldn’t push him to that point.

This is his thread he shouldn’t even need to defend himself at all…