Shemyaza and The Master Key

What are your experiences with this magnificent seal? I wanna get that amulet so fucking bad but I have shit for currency :joy::joy:

My first experience was incredible. I used it to manipulate my school to get me back in after I accidentally brought my ritual dagger in (long story)

I was allowed to come back full time after I used it, and I have the same benefits. It was a 10 inch dagger, and I didn’t get arrested.

What about you guys?


I’d say use the key to get you the money you need to buy the talisman


I did. I was wanting to know what other peoples experiences are with it.


says master key is sold out

Draw out the master key in your own blood. on a piece of wood or card stock. You will never require the talisman that they sell. alternately, If you really want the it. do what I described, and instead of asking for the money for the talisman, ask for the talisman itself


I received the talisman a few weeks ago. I used it to get out of jury duty. All I did was draw out the master key and write excused from jury duty below the image. I traced out the master key in my blood and burned the paper it was on sending it through the gate of fire.
Today I got my notice that I am excused from jury duty. Thank you Shemyaza!


Have anyone else use the pendant ? I’m going to buy it soon

im interested in purchasing this amulet. just curious why you still had to draw the sigil before performing the ritual. obviously owning and holding the amulet isnt enough which is making me wonder if its worth the ownership. note i’m new to spellcasting so i’m speaking entirely out of ignorance.

I am not sure why he did that either

Maybe he just didn’t want to put blood on his talisman

yeah that could be tho you think the amulet can be washed…

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That is a very powerful Instrument to reach the watchers. As a sigil works perfectly.

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What are the watchers’ specialty I wonder? In other words, is this a one stop shop for all your magick needs or one of several in a magick toolkit? Read the description in the purchase page but can’t quite tell.

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Has anyone used the amulet and it work like how JS says?

Greetings everybody

I’m from New Zealand & hope everyone is keeping well during the lockdown.
We are on a 4 week lockdown started 3 days ago.

I got the master key and slept with it on but an entity, I presume a watcher, wanted to have sex with me, when I refused it got angry and tipped the bed up so Im not too happy at the moment and took it off.

Than why call the Watchers if you have no true interest in them??? Sex magick is of greatest importance in demonic workings

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I am interested in them, I dont feel they should demand anything from me though if Im not willing.

At the mo im following the chapter of “sexual transmutation” in Think & Grow Rich as the energy is creative energy & Im creating stuff at the moment & once I’ve given birth to my creations I will be making up for lost time :wink:

Trust me its Nooo Fun &the discipline is sure slapping my ego

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i also have the master key i wore it and got in to a bad car crass my chest smashed against the steering wheel no air bag went off the doctor said i should have broken my chest but i did not after the crash i took it off i wasn’t sure if it helped me or did it couse the crash ??? any one have any other story’s about the master key

Expect from this you had some other important experience since then, what his description wrote on the page was true?