She - Ra

I’very been focusing a lot on getting back to my self.
And I was thinking about cartoons, and one caugh the my attention.

She - Ra
Why was her name She -Ra and something else?
Is this a throw back to Ra and if so why her and He-Man who is prince Adam.
Was there a hidden message there?

Also why did Hordac kidnap her and not prince Adam?

Now let’s look at some othereason things.

Castle Grey Skull.
Why is it a grey skull?
Why isn’t it some othereason type of castle? Why isn’t it pink with flags and banners?
It’s a grey skull.

Now what’s inside grey skull…
The sorceress
A portal

So to access the sorceress you have to go to grey skull…but she also has the ability to speak telepathically.
So your mind …“Grey skull” Has a power sorceress and is telepathic.

It also is the portal to other places and dementions.
It’s all inside your own head.

But She -Ra waso given this name that would connect her to the Egyptian God Ra. But why?

Because Ra has a very feminine goddess form that most no one has heard about or can recognize.
She is powerful.

The makers of this cartoon may or may not have been aware of what they were saying.

But it’s very clear to me there is knowledge here and keys to unlock some powerful magic.

They are called Masters of the universe. Why? They tapped into the knowledge that once you connect with the inner sorceress you are then a Master of the universe albeit sometimes it’s only your universe and sometimes it’s the whole shebang!

Look at what He-man and She-Ra say when they hold their swords and gain their magic powere.

He-Man …by the power ofor grey skull, I have the power.

It sounds like He-man needs to access the magic and power of grey skull to have the power.

But She-Ra says for the honor of grey skull.
Why is defending the honor? She doesn’t have to say by the power of…just for the honor of…
Ado if she’s saying it’s important it connects …for the honor of… almost like saying for the honor of a king or queen or homeland.

She dosent seemy to need the power to have power…but for the honor of it…she becomes transformed.

She - Ra

Female Ra
A goddess over looked.


And the ThunderCats had Mum-Ra

Great points!


He - Man , he is man
She - Ra, she is Ra



The Sun (die Sonne), in German is labled female, while the Moon (der Mond) is labled Male.
Similar in Paganism.

So… She - Ra, actually seems quite accurate to me, as Sun is considered female there.

Similar with Honour ( die Ehre ) which is similar to dignity vs. Power. ( die Macht ), which is refers to authority.


Interesting, just as i wrote this, i noticed memorizing, how i always tend to Keep focused around calmness and dignity, as well as awarely having dificulty in authority. Both when it’s imposed upon me as well as when i have to respect it in someone else. :wink: Nice, Thank you Arianna!! :smiley:




Your welcome. It’sounds been on my mind for a while.

Even She -Ra’s name when she’s not She-Ra is Adora. Interesting that Ra is still in her name.
While He-Mans is Adam.
This could even be a play on the creation story.

Also she is she - Ra. …Princess of power. She has a title.