She is not an angel

Lucifer is the most beloved devil there is, even though she is a devil but she is called an angel, she never lies, not because lying is a bad thing, but because she does not see lying as her glory whenever , I summoned Lucifer a long time ago and wanted her to teach me,
I saw her in a dream that night and she
had a beautiful white body that illuminated all my dreams with light, but without wings,
she was standing in front of me and I was immersed in the light, in that moment I really loved her but she got one step closer and showed her inside and I just saw the darkness, all her kindness and light is just an appearance her is the devil And the only difference between her and the rest is his appearance, I told you never loved me (not like angels because they really love everything and I thought she was an angel) she told me without saying this appearance just for Your progress, you are poor and miserable and she can not stand it, because it she has a sweet appearance that is more pleasing to you, it is only because you progress faster, she never likes you and not a angel but a dark angel , I was not upset because it was a fact and I am still working with her.
Angels also have this inner darkness that is filled with light, darkness is everywhere, it even moves in my veins at any moment, we grew up in darkness in our mothers’ wombs 9 months before birth, and it is unfortunate that humans They are afraid From what they were born into، the darkness

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