She demon?

Hi. My name is baha. First of all excuse me if my English is not good enough.
I’ve started to read books about demons, and I don’t know anything. One interesting thing that I can’t stop thinking is that why all demons mentioned in books are ‘he’ and none of them is she!?
Another thing is that, since I’ve started recently and I don’t know, the best way to learn is to communicate with Sustugriel, so I made his seal with clay and my blood (because I saw in my dream to make it this way) . I feel have the connection with him every night, but when I wake up I forget everything but a few words that I can’t understand, for example this morning I could just remember this : *64#
What could I do to don’t forget? And what could I do to segregate my delusion and his words?


What dream? Tell us more.
Also you should make a topic to introduce yourself

Ok. I made that topic.
My English is really weak and all useful books that I found is in English, one night I was desperately trying to understand grimorium verum, after that before falling asleep I simply demanded Sustugriel to help me and I said to him please be my friend please be my teacher, please be my mentor. So that whole night I when I was sleeping I felt that I’m aware and it was something between sleep and awake, then I heard my voice that told me, I shoul make clay with my blood and red clay soil…

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I don’t know too much about grimorium verum

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Daemons are androgynous so they can be either or. They hold both masculine and feminine energies. And how they appear to the practitioner is really dependant on them and the practitioner. Also work on dream recalls by keeping a journal by your bed and as soon as you wake up. You write down everything you can remember.


What @anon482649 said. Some demons that are often worked as female are Astaroth, Marchosias and Bune, and I have seen the female form of Biffrons


Last night Sustugriel told me about 2 things, one of them at early hours of our class was political so I can’t share it here because it might be against the rules of website. Actually when he said it I became worried and happy in the same time.
Another thing was it : you need to summon “Will Burbel”, when I became awake I tried to write every thing down but I could remember only this sentence. I don’t know spelling is right or no, and I don’t know who or what is it? What should I do? Any advice?

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Follow the bread crumbs. Look into the name meaning, association’s, and different spellings.

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There are plenty of female demons dude some that I can name on top of my head are Naamah, Lilith, Machaloth.

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Thank you. I will try this way.

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