Has anyone here worked with Shax and if so what was he like and how did he appear to you? Just curious because ive had a couple of experiences with him over the last few days.

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Was hoping to compare notes :frowning:
My experience was that my daughter was going was going through a bad situation. And all that day Shax 's just stayed in my head so that night i looked up his enn and was just repeating silently to myself as i feel asleep. It was a stormy night with lighening and thunder. I feel asleep and dreamed that there was this huge wild cat , asleep on my kitchen table. Wild cat as in it like a huge spotted up snow leopard. I remember thinking whats its gonna be like when it wakes up? It woke up and went out after what seemed a few minutes i went back to the door to see if it wanted to come in …it was in the center of a pack of dogs and it talked to me and said no that itwas going toto “patrol the outside a little longer”. The nextnext with reciting Shax enn the cat came back. Sp IMthinking i pulled Shax and the storm into my dream . Also i did a little experiment with a ghost box i had it turned on and repeated his enn a few times. Shax is very fast with responding. And i told him about what i was trying to do and asked if he could say something that would relate and the ghost box said heard , came. No lie. Also he seemed to lay right across me and radar was showing something right on top of me. It qas a wow experience!!

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I’m not doubting your experience but the ghost box can be manipulated by thought. I messed around with this device for a couple of years and I found that the answers I wanted to hear are the same answers that came through the device.

Sure it can be used to establish communication with spirits and it probably was Shax talking to you. I just think the medium (spirit box) needs to be removed from the equation and you need to trust your intuition more because the device is flawed in many ways.

I hope you find what you’re looking for. Try meditating on it. Once you silence all the chatter you’ll just know the answer you’re looking for.

Oh i wasnt looking for anything. I already have a very close and intimate relationship witn Azazel. Most of my posts are about Azazel. The ghost box was me just playing around. And seeing what i got. Shax was just new so i thought id see if anyone experienced him in the same way. Azazels kinda picky about what demons come around so im sure it was Shax. Also why i saw him as a wild cat and not a human type form.

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