Shax finding someone that is invisible

I would like to know if Shax or any divination spirit find someone who has made themselves invisible?

Yes, they can, but it all depends on the type of spell that was used. Most spells for “invisibility” work by cloaking your energetic presence so that it doesn’t register to the casual observer, much like how your gaze will just glance over your everyday surroundings and not really see them unless something happens to draw your attention to them, but they will not work if someone is deliberately searching you out (a good example of this is the practice of “becoming a rock” where you completely still your mind and body and take on the energetic signature of a boulder. Most people will not even notice you until you decide to move). However, there are also spells that will cloak your presence even when someone is looking for you, and that will also cloak you from spirits.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are some spirits that will not reveal the location of someone if that person does not want to be found. There is a spirit listed in the book Summoning Spirits by the author Konstantinos, for example, who will locate lost people but will only reveal their location if the person wants to be found.


Building on what @DarkestKnight said, it very much depends on the skill of the magician. If someone doesn’t want to be found and they know you actively seek them, then they can perform any number of rituals, including leading you on a wild goose chase. Or if they’re very good at this type of magick, they could ensure that every time you do perceive them that you forget immediately afterwards.

A lot of old time Hoodoo spells deal with Law Keep Away, effectively cloaking their businesses right under the noses of the authorities.

As someone who grew up and continues to live in the Middle East, I have perfected(for me) the art of concealing myself to avoid detection.


I know this may be kinda out there, but suppose you don’t want to be seen in an online video game like call of duty for example. do you think an invisibility spell could work for your character in the game? that would totally be cheating, but it’s interesting nonetheless. that kind of spell would take hide and seek to a new level, or even paintball or airsoft, ect…

No, you would not be able to hide your character in a video game with an invisibility spell because that character doesn’t actually exist. It’s just a line of code and has no actual energetic presence to hide.