Shattered glasses meditation

Alright,so decided to write this simple yet effective meditation I used for self inspection and shadow workings,I am sure with a bit of twisting you guys can even use it for looking alternate realities,feel free to do so.

Our meditation here will not require a trance, but relaxing would be great,only things that are completely required is dropping your thoughts and visualisation skills.

Imagine either a glass or a mirror, which will be probably better,and you are standing in front of it. Everything else should be ignored,visualising a white wall around it might help.Now I want you guys to look at yourselves in this mirror.Just stare at it.What do you see? Yourself? A shadow? An alien dragon? You will note this after meditation.

Now imagine this glass gets shattered in a split second and time slows down…

It would be very good that if you guys imagine some pieces big enough to see your reflection of your memories,again,mind must be shutted off because we are only observing.Let the subconcious do its thing with this one, its a giant Hard disk anyways so don’t have to worry about remembering it right or wrong.

Look as much glass/mirror parts as possible, as these are your memories, good and bad, these are what made you, you.

Now you can come back from it whichever fashion you would like to.Now, note everything one by one,try to remember all of this.

This gave me a great way to look deep into myself without judging what happened, who was right or wrong,etc.I hope it will help you too.If I made some writing mistakes,my excuses, have a great day yall.