Sharing the Amazing Work of Orobas

This testimonial is to make good on a promise. I used the evocation technique for calling Orobas found in Gordon Winterfield’s “Demons of Magic”, and my request was a promotion from an VP to an SVP level position at the bank where I am employed.

The gift that I promised to Orobas was that I would give him public recognition after the manifestation had come to pass.

That was 6 months ago. It is important when doing this kind of work to be very patient. Don’t give a demon any kind of deadline and be very patient. Never stop giving the demon your faith and confidence. It can take time to migrate around and manipulate all of the free will agents present in the world of human politics.

Orobas did some amazing things over the past 6 months to put me in the right place at the right time.

I am overwhelmingly satisfied with my new position of authority. The pay increase wasn’t half bad either.

Good job, Orobas !!!


He came through for me nicely just over a year ago. I used the same book and asked for my husband to get a nice pay raise and bonus. My husband had been busting his ass, pulling late nights in 2020, because of the pandemic. He got them both, but a few weeks later, he was tapped for a position with even more pay.

My husband used to work in banking, too. Now he’s a federal employee.