Sharing offerings?

So I’m planning on invoking a number of spirits for a certain goal, and I was wondering if it was all right for spirits to share offerings? For instance, what if I gave both King Paimon and Belial the same kind of wine? Would that be allowed?

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IMO generally a bottle each is best but a cup each wouldn’t be bad


I agree with @RiseorDie. When I invoke both King Belial and Lucifer, they don’t share chocolate. Each one has their own.


If u r offering incense or pouring water on the ground then sharing isn’t a problem. But if u r giving something solid, its better to divide them for each entity/ class of entities.

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I’ve done multiple single cup offerings from a bottle of spirits with good results before.

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Must they have their own individual cups/glass?
So far I’ve kept their own individual glass for offering beverage.