Sharing my sketches of astral things I have encountered!

In my random astral adventures I encounter weird things! So ill share the sketches I make about them here!

These bubbles are glowing in the dark! They usually shows up in the dark places on the astral like lanterns! When the space is light enough its hard to see them because they are invisible… they like to laugh and always looking curious!

These looks like dark metallic plates! They form from black dust out of no where! When one shows up alone it folds on itself until there is a group! Then they move like organised group! Its like they have a code or some programming to them! They mind their own business and doesn’t interact when I try pulling them apart! They get back together and continue…

The gold flowers I think just flowers! They have like glitter dust to them! And they are triple the size of a normal rose!
The one with the portal seems to look like a swan sometimes and warp itself when it moves! It opens blackhole when it teleport! The portal closes fast but I managed once to follow it! It doesn’t interact with me and always in a hurry…
The last one behaves like a cat and its friendly! It was some spirit pet!

I am interested to see if others encountered them too!


:rofl: rip! Thankfully none tried eating me yet!

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Never came across these in the astral but I wanted to say I love your sketches :smiley:


This is fascinating


A guide my guides told me to follow! He lead us through a dimension that looked like upside-down mall! He hides his purple/blue wings under his cape! When I first encountered him I thought he was someone I know but quickly realised that his helmet reflect to you a familiar person! He didn’t talk much, just showed me around!


A cloudy night on the astral! The clouds had rainbow auras to them!

At first I thought this thing could be a vehicle but then it stood infront of me and bowed its cube front! It was a weird moment then it went on its way!


This thing was watching me on the astral! I was dreaming and feeling it near my head! It tried grabbing my attention to make me alert on the astral! :rofl: as soon as I noticed it and woke up floating I went away…
Creeped me out…


…I feel like I’ve walked into a studio ghibli film with some of these, I love them all! So many fascinating creatures exist on the astral, I hope to see them for myself, someday. Also beautiful art! I could never master physical/dry media due to poor eyesight and had to switch to digital years ago. So many empty sketchbooks just sitting on shelves waiting to be filled. sigh

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