Sharing my journey


I just wanted to share my experience. First, I wanted to thank everyone for being so helpful with all my questions. I’m still a newbie to this thing and I have to admit that the information and ways are overwhelming but I am trying my very best to catch up.

Anyway, my real issue was my ex…I called Grand Duke Dantallion, King Belial, Goddes Lilith, King Paimon, and Lucifier and offered my loyalty, and other stuff…though, some of my requests manifested it did not push through. On the top of that I did several love rituals and NAP that doesnt look like its working.

Now, I wanted to start from scratch but still call on the same spirits. What shall I do?

To be honest, I’m so depress already and I feel like giving up but I still believe on their powers.

Thank you

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If I may add also, shall I do some aura cleansing first?

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I think some meditation would help you if you can clear your head before you do your magick. You have to allow all the emotion to flow out of you during the ritual until its exhausted. Once finished with the ritual occupy your mind with something other than your ritual. The sooner you forget your ritual and the more certain you are that it will work, the better and quicker results your magick will have.

I had this same problem with a ritual about a week ago, realized i was clinging to it too much. After the ritual it is done and be certain without a doubt in your mind it has already been delivered. Forget about it and it is done. Accept that the circumstances that are before you are of your own creation, a reflection of your thoughts and emotions project into your interpreted reality. Do some grounding and meditate on this.

How do I do the grouding and meditation? After that, will you suggesg that I call on to the spirit or do the magick?