Sharing My Experience with Bune

So recently I’ve had a money issue which I’ve had to call upon Bune for, but I’ve also enjoyed just becoming closer and becoming partners with such an amazing entity as well. I woke up one morning with the thought in my head to share my breakfast with the Duchess, and although I’m not exactly sure that’s what experienced people do, I did it because I was sure I thought of it for some reason.
So I prepared breakfast, and sat down with everything in front of me. I played Bune’s enn the background, and offered to share everything in front of me, and sat patiently for around 15 minutes before I took anything for myself (out of respect.) I heard that after you make a food offering to any being, it can become drier and all the nutrients “sucked” out of it, so I was expecting the taste to be a bit dull, but I wasn’t bothered by that thought, I thought it would surely be worth it. However, when I started eating, or was the MOST tasteful food I had ever tasted! And the water was very crisp, the complete opposite of what I had expected! It completely made me warm inside and nearly lulled me to sleep. I swear she enhanced it.
Also, I never hear spirits, but I get “flashes” of seeing things, which I then have to interpret and figure out. This doesn’t happen super often, but I got a flash of Bune. A huge being, at least in my eyes, easily towering over everything. She held her hand out, and I extended mine and placed my entire hand on only the tip of her middle finger(that’s how big she was!) It was a short flash, but I’m sure that meant earning trust, and learning about the spirit and becoming closer. I’ve just started these workings but so far they are extremely friendly and wonderful. Hail Bune!


I had the same experience, it was quite the surprise!

I got one the first time I “saw” my spirit guide and it totally blew my mind. Before that, I’d only had impressions and sort of got a feel of him, so that was a huge WOW moment.

Absolutely! :+1::slightly_smiling_face: I have never worked with Bune, but I saw her in a vision before I knew anything about her, and after that her name kept popping up on this forum and as soon as I read how people described her traits/ appearance, I knew I had seen her. She is very beautiful and very sweet.