Sharing Bathtub With Spirits

Is it possible to have a bath with a spirit?
Considering how the energies will adapt under vapor and water, and how astral senses can work under the interrupting environment of water and it’s flow.

Share your thoughts.


If you’re talking about lathering them up with suds to visible appearance, then you’ll have your work cut out for you :slight_smile:

This seems to be more about how the user’s ability to maintain the state, rather than anything else. I’ve communicated with entities while in the shower and they were in there with me. I didn’t do anything differently, other than pausing when something was being said. A bath would seem to be easier, since the water is more still.

I should also state that they did not ask me to towel them off afterwards. They also didn’t appear to be wet.


Yes. Granted if your senses aren’t open eh idk. My first scrying experiences happened in a tub of water, for a ritual bath with a tealight in the corner of the tub. I spent a good portion of last year getting in the shower and washing as fast as I could then getting out, because while I was submerged I didn’t hold the experience to turn of my sight. I’ve heard of others using the bath as a tool to aid in evocation, as well supposedly the first recorded scrying tool was a pool of water.

Honestly I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t be a great place to meditate and work on your senses, as I need only be in a tub of water a few minutes before the fog rolls in from both sides of my sight and I start seeing things. Naturally it extend to far more than the bath tub now, but even when I’ve been hard in real life and not really doing much practice wise, a bath seems to jump start it all before I realize it.

I guess I should note, that it never appeared like the beings were in the water actually with me. Just that they appeared in physical proximity of me. Almost like layers of the planes. Here but not here.