Share your unusual & odd happenings

Feel free to change title if you think of something better.

This is inspired by the odd last few weeks I have been having and the death of two touch lamps.

Well for the last few weeks I have seem to be very statically charged. So far I have killed my favorite touch lamp that I have had for over a decade and the one I replaced it with with in less then a day.

I shocked my dog on his nose with an audible pop and a yip, poor little guy. As well as almost anyone I come in contact with and metal objects.

Luckly my cellphone, laptop and gaming system have been spared.

So yeah as of late you could say I’m electrifying. LMAO!

So have any of you had any odd things happen to you?


I see rain drops even when the day is bright light!^^


Really… That’s interesting.


Let’s see… I’m pretty sure this is stuff I’ve already posted in the “that moment when” thread, but meh :wink:

  • Disembodied footsteps in temple on more than one occasion
  • Skulls and demons and even a sigil taking physical shape in incense smoke
  • Blessing a chalice of wine and it turning ice cold
  • Soul traveling to vamp someone and waking up with literal blood in my mouth
  • Manifesting a brand new, improved life in a new country where life-saving medical procedures that I previously couldn’t afford ended up being practically free
  • Spirits nightly come to get all touchy feely as I lie in bed
  • Speaking 4 different languages I had no knowledge of during invocation/channeling/possession and having the translation be relevant and meaningful
  • practiced Vamping a guy on a train and he passed tf out after a couple seconds :laughing:

Probably other stuff too but I just woke up from a nap and my brain isn’t fully working yet lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just got really angry at my doctor and put him in his fucking place. Came outta nowhere!


Those are interesting!!

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Sometimes you just have to do that.

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Ugh doctors can be such assholes! Why do they insist on being so condescending and such terrible listeners? :angry::anger:


Luckly you can find a good egg every once in a while, but even then you need to be firm sometimes.


Experienced poltergeist activity at night, entities started to punch my sofa next to bed at night. Even things moved by itself within few minutes after I placed them.


That I have some experience with, can get interesting and sometimes anoing. lol Particularly when things get hidden.

felt meat hooks in my back yesterday. I have been in a pisser of a mood lately… Today I called on the demons - Marbas picture dropped forward I called on him instant healing Then Vassago wanted to chat. I was told to blast the house again today.


Hmn… Someone giving you trouble?

Lol I could use a little odd lately.


Odd is getting expensive here. Lol


I did some dark work - and was greated with alot of trouble doing it. I feel the ancestors of these people were challanging me. I did not banish after the ritual and something stayed behind - Fuego and Queen of hearts saw pretty much the same thing yesterday.


Ahh… I see and understand.

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Oh yeah also once when I was working with my higher self/goddess form/whatever I lost my black moon pendant as it randomly fell off its chain

I spent hours turning the house upside down looking for the pendant but I couldn’t find it anywhere!

I suddenly got a flash of insight that maybe I should start working from my astral temple, so I went there and did a simple ritual. After I was done, I slowly opened my eyes and my head involuntarily started turning towards the floor next to me and my eyes stopped directly on the missing pendant :scream:

there was no way I could’ve missed the pendant when I was physically searching for it; it was out in the open, very easy to spot. I guess my goddess form wanted me to learn to use my astral temple and the missing pendant was part of her lesson for me :laughing:


Got to love it when things like that happen. Lol


Got to go for now, but can’t wait to see what you all share when I get back. Ttyl.

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