Share Your Progress in Becoming A Living God

ATTENTION: This is strictly a thread to encourage us as we develop. No off topic stuff please.

Hey guys! I feel its time to take stock of how far we have come. This is mainly to encourage us that are working on our Ascent and For the new people as well.

Your success

Your goals

Your current struggles
Here Ill give an example:

Since I became a black magician, I have …manifested $50
…successfully killed a person using ritual
…manifested a car without ritual
…Evoked and channeled a shitload of Demons
…mentored a few students
…and fought Jehovah successfully all the way to this point in time.

My Goals are:

To Learn to Soul Travel

To be Initiated in the Norse Current

To be Initiated in the Voodoo courrent

To close the gap between ritual and manifestation
To kill anyone with a wave of a hand
To Become a God capable of doing anythinf and everything(love magic, financial magic, etc)

My Current Struggles are:

Staying mentally sane

Thinking that all this is fake

Feeling my power on a consistent basis

Periodic tense periods of regression of abilities

Continuos attacks from unidentified beings in the Astral

Family and my Environment

Learning Divination

There ya go! Let the success stories begin!


My successes include-

Becoming good friends with a huge and powerful genius locæ
…Becoming able to converse with all manner of beings, human, non-human, corporeal, and non-corporeal
…Exacting perfect vengeance on someone who was a manipulative ass to me (showed his true colors to everyone around me)
…Ensnaring and then breaking a guy who was also a dick (wow, i sound like a vindictive bitch)
…Learning to read the runes for myself and for others, including using them as a method to communicate directly with the spirits.
…Mastering a form of soul travel usually called “Remote Viewing”
…Meeting all y’all and becoming part of a family i have come to deeply respect
…Manifesting multiple lucrative sources of income including raises, promotions, side gigs, and odd jobs

My goals include-

…Mastering energy work in myself and others
…Mastering the runes and the magick associated with them
…Meeting and knowing more entities
…Mastering magickal “situational awareness” and mastering a surgical precision with magick

My struggles right now include-

…Dealing with stress without resorting to vengeance
…Maintaining my awareness of my energetic surroundings
…Letting go of preconceived notions and instead experiencing firsthand



An almost nightly evocation
Last night Lucifer sent a huge flame up from my candle. It was awesome.
invocation really pumps me up
Manifested enough money to register my car and get by
manifested a job, the very job i wanted
little flickers of prophesy

My goals:
make that "breakthrough"
compile a grimoire
soul travel
crush my enemies
more money
find a current to initiate into

my struggles:
I sleep 3 to five hours a night
what the hell is that hovering over my face in bed?!
more productive/coherent evokations
always looking for that new secret


My success:
~ Being a total different person, more persuasive, and more respected
~ My divination is pretty accurate, even if I think I red them wrong
~ Attracting money with little value with more repetitions

My goals:
~ Mastering evocation, and Astral Travel.
~ Money, money, money (what I like is very expensive :grin:)
~ Brand new car, and new apartmen… mine is very old and out of norms
~ More respect from everyone

My struggles:
~ No thoughts while meditating
~ Splitting my time with study, job, and magic development
~ Job issues

Just to know @Micah, what car did you manifest?
I’m a kind of car lover


sucess ~ capable of see manifestation/new job
goals ~ be able to hold more time seeing the manifestation
struggle ~ anxious


I like share my very well progress, your very well like this.

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