Share your Master Curse result

If you’ve done Master Curse from Magickal Attack by Gordon W, please share the result you got.


I used the master curse exactly per the books instructions and did not receive satisfying results. I have better luck with certain Goetic entities or Djinn work for demolishing someone than what this method gave me.

I could try it a few more times maybe it just takes practice but it’s so involved I’m probably going to pass on it and just give the ritual my personal thumbs down



May I ask how you worked it?

I had some books work for me great and others not so much from the GOM but the issue was that I did not have access to my inner most emotions. I worked on that a lot and can conjure and emotion needed for the rite whenever I want to and that was a game changer for me in GoM´s work.

They took a lot of material from a series of Kabbalistic writings and emotions are described as “fuel” to the engine and having the appropriate emotion + focussed attention will deliver speedy results.


Actually it’s funny you brought that up. I had a really difficult time connecting with the emotions as the book directed. I actually wondered if that was the game changing technique to master for success at this ritual.


The Master Curse worked well for me- I just want to clarify though that we’re talking about the one that calls on Shaz, Glasya Labolas, Leraje and Raum. That’s not that much different than Demons of Magick from a ritual standpoint.

The 33 day Break-up curse has never worked for me. A complete waste of time so far.