Share your Lucid Dream experience, and explain what its could mean

I have a lucid dream last night, that I were some type of forest, and i were overlooking this pond which have many fishes in it. Also some creatures that look like merpeople, though at first i couldn’t tell as i have saw were a fish head, and it body swimming underwater a few times. Then i thought to myself i want met a mermaid, then out of the pond one showed itself, expect it have a white fishhead with blue stripe on both side of the face, while the rest of the body look like ur standed mermaid body. Eventually this mermaid started to talk to me, i think its were testing me, as i told the mermaid I’m a vampire, i can’t remember what the mermaid said but i think its were either eat me, or kill me. Then its started to chase me all the way back to socality where i would meet up other humans around town, and its keep chasing me all the way to a food store, where there were human would cut up this fishhead mermaid