Share your experiences with attraction magic!

I’ve been scrolling here a lot, but haven’t found anything that I was specifically looking for so I decided to ask for opinions and experiences.

I was looking to find a certain demon to make people (in this case men) drawn to you, for example something like pretty privilege. To make them drawn to you or ask you out, strangers staring at you and complimenting you, basically them being obsessed with you. :sweat_smile: (don’t judge i like attention, but in the past couple months i stopped getting it as much)

Anyways, I was searching a lot of things and all, but it didn’t give me any results because 95% of stories were about people who used demons to get certain person, but I mostly don’t have specific person in mind, just attention from everyone. Or when there were some stories they were mostly from men almost always, so it made me question, do those demons only work to bring women, or do we only hear about that bc mostly men are the one using them to get attention? Whatsoever I didn’t quite find anything much helpful.

Although I read somewhere that Lilith, as succubus, can make men obsessed w you and that she can help you change your appearance, so I was wondering if thats true? And that Asmodeus can get you a lot of sex? And also heard that Sargatanas can make “women” obsessed with you but can he work with women and bring men too? Same goes for Sitri, I mostly only hear stories from men. And of course, what are some other demons/gods that can help with that goal and if any woman here had some experience with that, making men drawn to her, I would like to ask you to share it down below :grin:

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“To appear sexually desirable…this power is about appearing as though you are somebody who is filled with confident lust, but not appearing desperate or needy.” (source: Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove).


Like DK said- Sitri. I’d also throw in a vote for Zepar if you are a guy looking women.

However, without a doubt, the most powerful/effective general lust/attraction spell I’ve ever used is ritual 3 from Damon Brand’s Magickal Seduction. In fact, all 3 of the rituals in that book deliver big. No demons, but ridiculously powerful.

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I have had success with Astaroth in the past, both for achieving specific targets and for increasing my general attractiveness to women around me. I have also helped other individuals with Astaroth spells, and the spells I cast for them were successful as well.

From my experiences, I do not believe that spells involving spirits like Astaroth or any other spirit are gender-specific in their effects.

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Okay thank you! And was also wondering, if you want to form friendships with those men or find friend group to become part of, would maybe Belial be good choice for that? And if not which one then? If any of them have that speciality :slight_smile:

Marbas and One are brilliant at making you appear however you wish to appear to the sex you’re interested in attracting.

I’ve had enormous success with both, not just to be attractive to also appear wiser, more skilled, and frightening.


Ose I meant to type.

Thats great, can you maybe share more detailed story of your success with that?

Thank you! What were your results with those spells? :slight_smile:

I have had countless success with Asmodeus/Ash-me-dah-ee/Aeshma. Being a guy, i noticed nowadays girls call me cuttie and all such. Asmodeus is very good when it comes not only just attraction, but attraction to getting laid. I started working with Asmodeus after reading this: Journal 6: Conversation With Asmodeus

In the great tradition of “Fucking around and seeing what happens” I have been experimenting with attraction focused on someone I sorta like (and she probably doesn’t think of me at all when I am not in sight) using a black mirror to focus on and applying and playing around with mainly the first three Hermetic principles. Using the black mirror I can cut the connection I build pretty easily and instantly using my dagger when the desired result is achieved, so it feels a little less like a magickal roofy to me (just a personal opinion, no judgements meant). I did not include any spirit for assistance in this. Small changes where noticed no real mindblowing results as of yet.

Something rather awesome happened when I included some of Barbie’s Slutwater in the working and as such decided to call on Astaroth/ Astarte for this round of experimentation. First of all, it added a lot of great energy to the work, but most notable for me was the clear message to be careful using this kind of magick. The same as when you use NLP or other mentalist tricks to attract people, you can also put a spell on yourself. The result likely is that the more you use it as a substitute, the more you will subconsciously imprint that you are not capable and/ or worthy to attract love/ affection just by being your charming self.

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