Share your experience!

Hello everybody, I have been reading about the Left Hand Path for a while now, and I am very curious about your experiences (for the ones who are in it).

  • Share your experience of how it was choosing this path (specially if you work with the Qlifot), difficulties, how did you resolved them, loses, mental, emotional and/ or life struggles, and how did you overcome them.

  • Did you get to that point were you could say the “worst” part is over? I mean, its much more difficult at first due to the intensive energies that come to your life. How long did it took?

I have to share I payed for a lecture of tarot with a LHP person. This person told me I have potential on this path and I would start seeing very good results in the future, but that at first,(he did not sepcified how much time) it would be very very difficult for me due to the energy change.

He even ask for the demons if one had a special affinity with me, and what happend was that the card of Nahemoth appeared, one of the demons of initiation, and also the candles light up very much when this card appeared.

Thankyou for reading, please share :slight_smile: