“Share A Quote” Thread

“Analysis told me, however, only one fact. Belief is the root of this power. Not to tell yourself you may, but to know you can. I have journeyed far enough since, in the seasons of my life, to understand by now that the skill is not as exclusive as I then supposed it. The sorcerer-gods are only those born knowing the key to the brain’s inner rooms. That is their luck, but beware-the meanest may search out the key, or stumble on it, and become gods also.
Having achieved one miracle, the rest seemed little more than a process of mathematics.”
-Tanith Lee, “Quest For The White Witch”

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Oh man, I love Tanith Lee. Highly underrated author.

Yes, she was a great and very prolific author. She even hinted in certain magazine interviews that she had dabbled in the occult and it inspired some of her work.

Would you recommend the book you quoted from (or can you recommend any others of hers)? The only ones of hers I’ve read are Biting the Sun, The Silver Metal Lover, and Metallic Love, although they are three of my most beloved stories.

“Jane, a pane of crystal, the sound of rain falling on the silken grain of marble; a slender, pale, chain of a name – Jane.”

A rose by any other name
Would get the blame
For being what it is –
the colour of a kiss, the shadow of a flame.
A rose may earn another name,
so call it love,
so call it love I will.
And love is like the sea
which changes constantly
and yet is still
the same.

Aaah I love her, her prose is so beautiful, and (despite only having read three of her novels) she has hugely inspired the way I write fiction.

That book I quoted is part of the Birthgrave trilogy. She wrote so many books it’s hard to choose from them all.

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didn’t know where to put this but I feel the need to share it.