Kind of new to this topic but isn’t this more like a mix between reshaping your astral body, and then aspecting. Sort of like god form assumption but towards that shape ? Definitely an interesting category.


The astral stages of any transformation are precursory, any form of transformation can be taken into completion. So even with a god form, you could have that thing come through in completion, but of course that requires more than most are willing to do. Mostly, it’s not a matter of power or energy, that’s everywhere are you honestly can’t run out of it. Rather, it’s more of how well your perception is geared at knowing your unlimited nature. Since that is pretty low for most of us here, we cannot just transform fully into another shape without completely destroying ourselves. So that astral transformation allows folks to have that taste and it’s effects while gearing themselves for more tangible forms of transformation. However, like I said before, that’s a trip most people are not willing to take, and due to that they are likely to just say that transformation is an astral thing rather than admit that they just aren’t ready/courageous/open enough to go to the next level.

Hey thanks for the response! I’m definitely going to read up on this topic, might even dip my toe in a little to see what it’s all about.