So physical shapeshifting. What entity would i have to evoke to gain the ability of a lycan transformation? Azazel, hecate, lucifer?

The shapeshifting reptilians (if you can contact them astrally) might be able to help.
But, the entities that you mentioned above could tell you where to go
Or you can type in Azazel and shapeshifting abilities. The same with the other entities.

I mean like on the physical plain.

You don’t just gain that ability, there’s things you got to do to make it happen, and the states nessecery to do so aren’t the easiest to get into.

Titan, you are going to have to do it yourself. There a host of entities that can help you, but honestly I doubt you are going to find them by asking people. As great as this forum is, I’m pretty sure this ability and many other superpowers are over the heads of this community at this point in time. Does that mean that you can’t access this power relatively simply or even easily? No. Does that mean that those entities’ do not exist? No, in fact there’s a billion powerful entities for anything you can possibly think of. What it does mean, however, is that you are going to have to start taking 100% responsibility for your progress, and realize that what you are looking to attain may not be something that others are pursuing or mastering on this Earth right now. I’m sure there are others, but that shouldn’t really be a factor in a journey that is completely dependent on you for its success. So hell, even if there were no entities for it, you could still easily get into the path to realize it. You just got to be willing to be a magician, which involves creating your own magic (if you are going to be any good at it).