Shapeshifting help

Hey all, I’m fairly new here, but thought you guys might have some insight into an experience I had a year or two ago. Now, I’ve been practicing for about 10 years now so I’m not new to energy working or meditation, but fairly new to Koetting’s work specifically. Two years ago I was performing a shapeshifting meditation. First I would walk down steps in a stone tower, taking me under, till I arrived at a wooden door that opened to a beautiful meadow. Then I would walk across the meadow to a bridge over a stream as I crossed the bridge I would stop halfway and release my stress in to the stream to be washed away. As I crossed the rest of the bridge I would emerge into a forest clearing, where over the course of several days I met a wolf pack and would shapeshift and run through the forest with my new pack. The last time however I went deeper than usual into the meditation and lost myself in the run. However a snake, specifically a cobra, attacked me and my pack, I rapidly shifted back to my human body and proceeded to “blow it up”(ala piper on charmed). I crashed back into my body and have not been able to achieve the meditative state or even the same level of magic I achieved before. Now I’m worried that it effected me too severely as my power still feels like its waning. Any ideas?

How about a chakra cleanse, Ive not come that far as my visualizations skills are developing, but I quite know about negativity, and if you don’t stop it, it can be a real pain in the ass

That seems a psychic attack, migth be on purpose by someone or just a coincidence that spirit envenomed you.

Shamans exorcice that venom “sucking” it out from the “spiritual body” I suppose the etheric or astral one and spits it outdoors.

Ah, thanks. Cleansing my chakras is the only meditation I’m really capable of anymore, so I guess ill have to work on that, or find someone to dig deeper in there than I can. I don’t know many other magic users, so I’m doubtful of an outright attack, but I don’t rule it out.

A meditation like that is usually an exploration of the inner self. The venom and the serpent are representative of recurring personal issues from what I can tell. They were most likely brought to the surface during the meditation and most likely need to be worked through in order for your progress to continue. Do some divination and figure out where your biggest problems lie and deal with them. Or get a consultation with someone more experienced to see if they can get you some answers.

From my perspective snakes tend to represent knowledge and initiation. To be bitten is to receive the power, it hurts at first as your old paradigm is destroyed but then makes your strong. Great fear is felt as the ego rejects that which threatens it. Until you are ready to receive the venom and let the old self die you may not be able to progress.

Having said all of that I present an opinion that is entirely juxtaposed to Kitari so you probably need to do some sort of divination to work out what is really going on.

I can agree soundwave. Our opinions on the interpretation aren’t so different. There is a part of this person that needs to be dealt with. Whether it is internal or external is up to them to figure out. I feel like we just said the same thing in slightly different ways. But I like your explanation just as much to be honest.

Thanks for the different view points, your probably both right, lol. Ill have to do some divination either way.

I agree with soundwave. From what I have studied of jungian symbolism the snake bite is a allusion to the serpent from the garden of eden(I have had the dream before). The experience was terrifying because the snakebite means death/rebirth…