Shapeshifting Group


Dragon here


Funny you said that


Why is that?


Because that’s one of my forms.


Okay so what is the one form you want the most the both of you




Dragon. I can use the same methods to retain the other forms. I belong to a clan of shape changers. We don’t really have a specific form.


Go on your knees and focus on your internal energy body, feel it move, feel its power and then visualize it what ever it maybe like a wolf or demon or siren etc see it clearly.
Relax yourself and know that what you see and feel is real, since all is mind then what your mind chooses to see is what you truly are.

Embrace it, accept it and feel it is more true of who you are than your human form.
Next is to see and feel all the qualities that form possess’s that your human form doesn’t possess, now feel those power swirling within you as a vortex, feel what energies it gives off and as you breathe in pull your vibratrions to match the vibration of your inner form.

Next you must drop maiya / mind and become nothing forget your name, your idenity you are nothing and nothing is everything, with your eyes closed in this emptiness that is nothing false deeper and deeper think nothing, feel nothing and be nothing.
Hold this state for about 20 minutes no more no less, because you will be removing yourself from reality, you must think nothing feel nothing, do nothing at all.

When you do this just before leaving that nothingness, you’ll notice you can’t even feel or sense your body, in this state, visualize the body you wish to have and breathe in the nothingness, assuming that energy and allow the power to push that vision into a reality like creatio nbirthed from the void of nothingness, then ground that form of energy and new form of self by rasing that energy up the seven chakras using 7 asanas then pull it within and reverse the asanas to ground it and visualize your new form.


Thank you very much.


No problem this is just a preliminary rite.


I’m dropping this, I don’t think I’ll be here anymore.


You don’t have to leave I will leave …I don’t need to be around here for a while anyways


I’m leaving.


That’s your choice. I can’t do this right now. I got too much other stuff on my plate


I change my mind.


@C.Kendall have you ever thought of using say, wolf jewelry and enchanting it to enhance said transformations?


Yes this is why i have my wolf tattooed on my skin but jewelry is a way of having your form externalized beyond the body which is counterproductive.


I’m sorry guys but the dragons eggs are all I can deal with right now. Maybe I can pick this back up after walpurgisnacht.


Dragon eggs???

Elaborate please? Pm if that is preferred.


Read all about it here

Tiamat …helped me develope 7 dragons eggs due to hatch on walpurgisnacht.

So far Azathoth, Azazel, and Belial have …I guess fathered an egg each would be a good way to say it.